Groom your car for Monsoon!

As the dark monsoon clouds start looming over your car, pep up your ride to take on them in style. Here are a few tips for you. You can use them as a checklist to beat the monsoon blues.


Before you go freewheeling on the rain-soaked roads, tyres are the first things you should check. Take a closer look at your tyre tread, if there are any cracks on the rubber. Should you find any, maybe it’s time to replace the tyre.
Go to your regular tyre repair shop and get the air pressure examined.

Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance

Rightly aligned and well-balanced wheels will keep your steady on slippery turns. Get your wheel alignment and wheel-balance thoroughly examined. Preferably, at your regular service center.


If you are more of a city driver, your brakes might have faced a lot of music in the city traffic. It’s time they get some tweaking for good. You’ll be relying a lot on them during your rainy journeys.


Don’t let the moist air add rust to your car. Give it an anti-rust treatment and wax coating to keep it glowing and its parts functioning.


Roads get darker in the monsoons so make sure that your car’s headlights are bright and clear. Don’t miss out the taillights! On rainy days, they’re of great help to the drivers behind you.


Unless you are extremely good at guessing, don’t let old wipers disrupt your vision. Revive them for the monsoon by replacing the rubber lining.

Once all of this in place, you are ready to take on the streets and enjoy the monsoon rides!

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