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We all love movies right? With the award season well underway, there are a ton of movies to catch up on. And we pick some movies that are high on action and come laced with brilliant characters. Grab your popcorn!

1. Lincoln: An initially slow moving movie, this Steven Spielberg political drama is set during the American civil war. It focuses on the pertinent issues from one man's perspective and the political drama going around him. Unlike its predecessor this one has no vampires in it. But it holds back no punches when it comes to a powerful story.

2. Zero dark thirty : From the writers of acclaimed movie “The Hurt locker”. This docu-drama revolves around a female CIA analyst who takes up to herself to find Osama Bin Laden. The movie got into controversy about having access to confidential information about Osama Bin Laden capture and that certainly added to the aura surrounding the movie.

3.Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters : A new twist on the famous Grim Brothers fairy tales with skin tight leather corsets and steam punk machine guns wielding witches. This movie certainly fits into our idea of “WTF”. The movie takes the simple fairy tale known to all and turns it on its head with a dark and edgy treatment.

4.Top Gun 3D: A classic movie, that defined a generation and gave us “Tom Cruise” as superstar is back in a new format re-mastered by Hollywood.

5. Vishwaroop : A Tamil spy thriller, which takes generous amount of inspiration from Hollywood. The story jumps continents with finesse of a “Bourne” movie, performing stunts only “Kamal Hassan” movies are know for. For added bonanza this movies, has some real science also thrown in. The movie was surrounded in controversy recently and that has generated quite a lot of buzz.


A Good Day To Die hard : Pretty much a “same wine , new bottle” situation but if you are fan of pure action genre this a must watch movie. From physics defying stunts to attractive leather clad Russian antagonists, this movie has all the old elements, Bruce Willis movies are known for with some new characters thrown. Totally worthy of our “guilty pleasure”.

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Shashank Singh is a Technology Geek who loves Sci-Fi and Whodunnit Thrillers. He is fascinated by how technology is changing the storytelling on Screen. In his spare time, he runs MonkeyCamp - a CGI / Special Effects junkies hub to look at independent shorts, brand new TV Series & awesome Sci-Fi concept art!

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