Celebrating ATMA’s 6th anniversary with Four Seasons

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ATMA, an NGO working for the education of underprivileged children in India, held a charity bash cum party to celebrate its 6th anniversary. The party was held in Mumbai and by the clock struck 9, the place was buzzing with people. All the organizations that helped organize this event, didn’t charge a single penny for their effort and did it to support the NGO.

I reached the venue around 8pm and yes I was early. But thankfully, the Four Seasons wine kept me company. Soon after, the guests started trickling in. A lot of beautiful faces could be spotted in the crowd and the DJ made sure that the music stays top notch.

There were three bands that were going to play at the party: Sky Rabbit, Jalabee Cartel and The Other People. All of them are part of the indie music scene in India and their music is different from each other. Sky Rabbit plays an ambient, groovy pop rock kind of music and their set had people asking for an encore. They ensure people were well warmed up and had everyone dancing to their tunes. They even played my personal favourite, Hilltop.

Also part of the entertainment for the night were, Mumbai’s young stand-up comedians Kunal Rao and Rohan Joshi. Kunal’s set, though frequented by technical snags induced quite a few laughs and was a good precursor to Rohan’s Joshi’s set. Rohan is one of the more well known stand-up comedians in India and has toured and performed in almost all the major cities. And it was no surprise, that he drew guffaws from the audience. He left the audience in splits and his jokes ranged on topics from football to Indian hospitality. It was a totally fun set and I had tears in my eyes from too much of laughing.

The beautiful hosts for the evening seamlessly made the transition from one act to another. One of the members of ATMA, Mary Ellen, gave a small speech outlining the success of the organization and showcased a new ad film at the event. After that it was time for the guests to loosen their pockets as the auction started. I had never been to one before, so this was a lot of fun for me. With Rohan and Kunal emceeing for this part, a few laughs were guaranteed. Guest bid good money for things like a personalized wine tasting at home, a 2 day vacation to Hong Kong and much more. The best part is all the money goes to providing for the education of the children.

There were still two bands to play but I could hear only a bit of The Other People before I had to leave. But not before shaking a leg to the music. The DJ played some sweet tracks and everyone was grooving either at the bar or on the dance floor. I also ran into Ranveer Singh who came to show his support for the cause. I am sure the party continued well into the night and I might have probably missed out on a lot of fun for leaving early.

It was a great event smoothly organized by Four Seasons and the rest of the partners. I am glad I got to attend an event of such magnitude.

Article By: Kunal Pawar

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