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published time By Shashank Singh published time 25 Jan, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

In the world of TV series, there is something for every viewer. Dexter, Breaking Bad, Bones, Mad Men, all of them fulfill every guy's need for fiction, but every wondered if there were more such shows? Well, you don't need to wonder much. Here is a list of series that every man should watch and will love. Program *ahem* your sources and start watching now.

1.BURN NOTICE: Burn Notice is about an undercover agent who has been ‘blacklisted’ under suspicious circumstances and his fight to find out who is responsible for this. Car chases, advanced weaponry, kick ass action and beautiful women… if these are your things; Burn Notice fits the bill. It has been around for 6 seasons and has been so successful that it has spawned a whole new comic series and a made for TV movie.

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2.PERSON OF INTEREST: POI is a TV show which mixes crime drama with the sci-fi genre and has been created by Jonathan Nolan, the brother of Christopher Nolan. The story is about a genius reclusive billionaire (living under an assumed identity) who creates a machine which can predict violent crimes using artificial intelligence. And he enlists a derelict CIA agent to help him prevent these crimes from happening. POI has well etched characters and manages to engage the audience and leaves them spell bound.

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3.THE GAME OF THRONES: It takes you to a beautiful universe where magic, sex and power are intertwined. Set against fictional medieval land of Westeros, the depth of the plot is stunning and each new episode peels off a new layer. Based on the books of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, GoT is about the ruthless struggles between various royal families to seize control of the Iron Throne. The only downside is only 13 episodes are made every year.

4.CSI MIAMI: Procedural crime drama was never this sexy. It has a glamour quotient associated with it and never fails to surprise with its accurate portrayal of forensic investigation. This show is conceptualized by Jerry Bruckheimer, who is also the producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. CSI Miami is on its 10th season right now, but it is never too late to get hooked onto it.

5.REVOLUTION: What if, one day electricity just goes out and never returns? This series shatters your preconceptions about a post apocalyptic dystopian world. Made by same guys who made the Iron Man movies and Lost series, this TV series is totally the big budget fix you want this year. It's the Terra Nova we wanted but never got.

6.SHERLOCK (Bonus): Sherlock is one of the finest TV shows released in the last couple of years. Each season consists of 3 episodes and till now two seasons have been out. It's modern day rendition of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock series. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes is just brilliant and has reinvented the way we perceive Holmes. Ably supported by Martin Freeman reprising the role of Dr. Watson. This is a definite must watch and with just 6 episodes in all, you can get into the game fairly quickly.

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Shashank Singh is a Technology Geek who loves Sci-Fi and Whodunnit Thrillers. He is fascinated by how technology is changing the storytelling on Screen. In his spare time, he runs MonkeyCamp - a CGI / Special Effects junkies hub to look at independent shorts, brand new TV Series & awesome Sci-Fi concept art!