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Venue, guests, food, décor – all ticked. Now, you need a fab bar to ensure spirits are high and the fun quotient soaring at your wedding bash. We’ve rounded up tips from the best wedding planners.

Size matters: First, decide how big or small your bar set-up is going to be. An intimate, exclusive wedding celebration can have a small, elegant bar, stocked with the best. For an everyone’s invited mega bash, you’ll have to scale up and have a massive bar that can dispense drinks quickly to a crowd.

World Class Bar - Wedding Celebration

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Pay for expertise: You’ll also need to get an expert bartender and some assistants, because you won’t be muddling mojitos on your big day. Do your research and hire a team with good reviews and ratings. They will be able to guide you with making purchases for the bar.

World Class Bar - Wedding Celebration


Hiring now: Glasses and cocktail-making equipment, plus ice buckets can be hired from wedding suppliers. Shop around and ensure you get the sort of quality you want.

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How much booze: Make a calculation. How many guests, how many drinks is each likely to have. Do the math and buy accordingly. Your bar essentials should include everything from whisky to rum, vodka, tequila, beer and wine. You may also want to go totally luxurious and just have vintage wines and champagne. The choice is yours.


Add a special touch: Some couples settle for a signature cocktail to celebrate the day. If you met over martinis, then you could offer a round of flavoured martinis to your guests. Or, pick a drink that both of you love. Monogrammed napkins add a nice touch, too.

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