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What’s more important than love in life – Nothing! Meet girl of your dreams, pop the big question sit down on your knee with a stunning solitaire and sweep her off her feet – and that’s how you make a memorable moment.

Now that you have given a five star performance in step 1, what are you planning for step 2 i.e. the wedding ceremony. To keep up your score you have to plan a wedding that she could cherish for rest of her life.

So, go for a theme wedding and collect exciting memories and unforgettable moments for her. You can even spice up a regular wedding  by organizing theme parties and celebrations. Here are some ideas.  

•    Beach weddings are oh-so-romantic:

A beach wedding or maybe a destination wedding could be the most romantic way of expressing your feelings for your partner. The music of waves and the chilly breeze, topped with the presence of your partner is surely going to make your day. Amidst the sweet sound of waves give your wedding day a perfect sign off with a private date with your partner at sunset, the view is going to do the rest for you.

What to remember?

You need to take care of the weather and most importantly the spot you choose. You need to have a good idea of tides and waves in that season. If you want to have a more private wedding then off-seasons are the best for you, with less activity around you. Make sure that local authorities don’t have a problem with your spot or try to opt for personalized spots from organizers.

2017 Beach Wedding themes

  •    Does she like flowers?

Wedding cards: Start with your wedding cards and guest lists, which should be enchanting with elegant flowery designs printed on them. With your names printed in between, it will be a perfect start for your floral wedding. 

Then for the wedding day get her friends on your side and ask them to adorn their dresses with flowers she likes the most. Let all the guests hold a simple bouquet made of her favorite flowers and get ready to see a lovely expression on your partner’s face. Isn’t it a perfect beginning for your new life?

End the perfect surprise with a new proposal altogether, going down on your knee with a flower in your hand and let your new life begin.

What to remember?

Don’t go to the florist at the last moment as you surely don’t want to compromise on flower selection. Make sure to double check all the requirements with your florist and the area you need to cover. Tell him to try and reuse initial ceremony arrangements for further functions. Also, avoid high scent and single colors, otherwise you will end up making it boring.

Best Wedding Themes

•    Vintage style weddings:

Give your wedding a touch of tradition with Vintage wedding setups. Starting with old letter styled invitations for your guests and all the way to vintage dresses for you and your partner. Let her dress in those long white dresses with trailing veils and a bouquet of flowers in her hand walking to the altar with her father and friends. Compliment her by dressing yourself in a tuxedo.

While decorating your wedding hall, always remember to choose accessories that suit your personality. You can select from a range of vintage birdcages, gazebos and floral arch for decorating the hallway. Lanterns and glassware can add a great sparkle to your wedding.

What to remember?

Choose the location that suits Vintage decoration, otherwise, you may end up in a contrasting situation with vintage arrangements on a modern decorated hall.

•    The classy style wedding

This is one of my favorites, with a festooned entry way, some fancy lights and the whole area decorated with candles and flowers. Just a perfect view to remember. Give a fancy first impression with flowery arrangements at the entrance of your wedding venue followed by welcome drinks for your guests.

Add a new twist to this classy style wedding by surprising your partner and the guest with family trees during post wedding dinner.

What to remember?

While organizing any surprise you need to make sure that you have double checked every possible angle for arrangements. You can also hire professional wedding organizers to turn your wedding into a perfect day.

•    The wedding themed around the Watering Hole – I kid you not!

Instead of hitting a bar with your friends after the wedding, you can opt for a post wedding bash at your wedding venue itself. Let the wedding theme turn to “booze” with an outdoor bar set up at the venue itself. Surprise your guests with a welcome cocktail. Here are some other exciting ideas to turn your booze party into more than just drinks.

What to remember?

Make your party more interesting by giving the drinks unique names, like authors, actors or even movies. Let your friends go for the one they love most. You can also opt for hiring an organizer or bartender as it is going to cut you the cost and add to the fun.

You can spice up the inventory with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails for your guests. Make sure you have enough of every kind of alcohol in the bar as well as the add-ons like lime, vermouth, bitters, orange juice, aerated drinks, soda, salt etc. etc.

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