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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 27 Sep, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Marriage is considered to be the pinnacle of one’s entire life, and everyone wants to have a unique and personalized memory of the D-day etched in their minds, especially of the grand entry to the wedding function.

Yes, amongst all the fineries of the marriage, the entry of the bride and the groom undoubtedly is one thing that is going to remain ever-so-fresh in everyone’s heart and mind.

And whether you're working on a shoe-string budget or have tons of loot to spend, there is always a way to arrive for your wedding in a unique style.

Here are few ideas that will be worth your attention if you are planning to get hitched anytime soon:

1. Do It The Karan Singh Grover Style
Bride Groom Entry

Riding a ghodi or an elephant is oh so passé. Why not try something new and quirky to make jaws drop at your wedding venue?

Take inspiration from actor Karan Singh Grover who recently married the sultry actress Bipasha Basu. The handsome hunk ditched the traditional haathi-ghoda style and made a grand entry to the venue on a Segway.

And yeah, this style is not just restricted to the groom; if you are cool bride do give this dashing entry a shot. Nothing can get more memorable than this.

2. Zoom In On A Hoverboard

Bride Groom Entry with hoverboard
Now Karan gave us another kick-ass idea. If you are good with the balancing act and all, you can try zooming in at your wedding on a Hoverboard. Brides, who are willing to give this a shot, do mind your ghagra though or even the long train of your dress.

3. The Jai-Veeru Style

If you are a die-hard Sholay fan, you definitely should go ahead with this style of entry. Rent out a vintage scooter with a side car, decorate it with flowers and ride to your wedding with either your father, the band of boys, brothers or anyone else who is game for a little pre-wedding adventure. Actress Gul Panag arrived at her wedding in this style.

This ride will not burn a huge hole in your pocket and yet will give you one beautiful memory to cherish forever.

Of course, don’t try this for a monsoon wedding.

4. Get Rolling In A Dazzling Crystal Ball

This one is especially for the bride, if you have the moolah why not try something grand and absolutely magical.

Entering the venue in an exquisite crystal ball can be your Cinderella moment and many wedding planners are happily arranging for this fairytale like entry, you might as well try it.

5. Make A Heavenly Entry

If money is not one of your major concerns, you can finally fulfil your Bollywood dreams by deciding to make an impressive starry style entry.

So here’s how you do it — Enter your wedding venue hanging from cranes, cables etc, just like the way celebs do it at award functions et al. Or simply rent out a chopper like this Saharanpur resident — Rao Naushad. Naushad made sure that his wedding would be memorable for everyone involved and he hired a helicopter to his bride's village, just 35km from his own. Moreover, he arrived at the helipad on an elephant. 

6.Row In

Again if it’s a lavishly arranged wedding and not a budget wedding somewhere near a lake or a water body, make the event memorable by rowing your way to the mandap in a floral decorated boat or Shikara with your immediate family.

Works perfectly well, for both the groom and the bride as well.

7. Vintage Car Entry

A vintage car entry is also a mass winner and currently trending in the wedding circuit.

You can try for a vintage golf cart too. They are grand, elegant and will help you redefine coolness. 

8. Make A Sporty Entry

If you are an adventurous soul why not try making an entry to your wedding ball on an ATV. You can really up your style quotient with this one.

And well, if you are having a beach wedding, you can even make some jaws drop by making a grand entry on Jet Ski.

But do keep in mind, this one’s really for those who aren’t faint-hearted.

9. Follow Dhoom Style

A perfect entry for all you bike enthusiasts will be riding to the venue on a sexy motorbike and making a smashing Dhoom style entry.

Well, the brides can either ride the bike themselves or ride pillion with their brother or father and show off their adventurous style.  

10. Roll In, In A Zorbing Ball

Want something fun, crazy, cool, adventurous, unique all rolled into one? Well, why not roll to your wedding place in a zorbing ball. 

This one will definitely make for a stunning experience.

So, tell us which is the style you would prefer to make your wedding day a memorable one?

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