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Being a bartender is a stylish affair. And when it comes to reel life, a few actors have pretty much nailed the role.

From signature styles to unforgettable dialogues, the fictional bartender has offered a friendly ear along with serving the best mixes.

So, here’s to our favourite on-screen mixologists that we wish we could visit for a tipple in the real world.

Lloyd – The Shining

“The best bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Portland, Oregon, for that matter,” as Jack seems to refer to him, Lloyd is the (spoiler alert) imaginary bartender from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. A quintessential, yet menacing character, Lloyd listens to Jack’s relationship concerns and orders him unending refills on the rocks. Always at the top of his bartending game, he’s courteous, knows his customers by name and most importantly, what they like to drink.

Top TV And Movie Bartenders Of All Time

Moe Szyslak - The Simpsons

Moe Szyslak (voiced by Hank Azaria) runs Moe's Tavern and tends to Homer, Barney, Carl, Lenny and many more Springfield residents. With a once promising kick-boxing career, the angry Moe is the archetypal surly bartender with a dark side that his customers (especially Homer, doh!) fail to take seriously. And while he doesn’t react well to prank calls, Moe – like all our favourite bartenders – has a heart of gold.

Top TV And Movie Bartenders Of All Time

Brian Flanagan – Cocktail

One of Tom Cruise’s earliest roles, Flanagan is a newbie in the bar scene of New York City in the 1980s. While introducing the world to the magic of Flare Bartending, he manages to charm everyone he serves a drink to. With spinning bottles to showing off his cool bartending tricks, no wonder Tom Cruise became one the most admired actors in the eighties.

Carl McLaren – How I Met Your Mother

The bartender and owner at McLaren’s Pub since the pilot episode of HIMYM, Carl is great friends with the entire gang. Known for serving them free drinks and saving tables, his generosity knows no bounds. From resolving arguments to entrusting them with keeps to helping them out in times of emergency, Carl has always proved that he’s just a bartender to the HIMYM gang; he’s family.

Isaac – The Love Boat

The popular 1970s series, The Love Boat revolves around a cruise ship and all the shenanigans that take place on it. If you’ve watched it, you’ll definitely remember Isaac Washington, who was literally the face of the show – with his positive vibes and heart-warming smile. A treasure trove of jokes and always ready to dole out advice to his passengers, it’s not a surprise that we’ve included Isaac in this list.

Have you seen any of these bartenders on your screens? If you can think of any more bartenders that you’ve loved watching, let us know in the comments below.