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published time By Saylee published time 17 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Look no further. We’ve curated a list of the 5 best, most exciting adventures you could go on – in and around the city of Mumbai.

Become a coffee connoisseur or show off those rafting skills you learned way back in high-school. Take a look around your locality with a fresh set of eyes or be the Superhero that you are in a gaming experience; Mumbai has a bunch of off-beat activities happening this weekend for you to enjoy.

1) Make Your Saturday Brew-tiful!

We know, we know. Coffee is that elixir that gives you a kick of motivation after hitting the snooze button multiple times every morning. If you leave, breathe and of course, drink coffee like us, you’d surely want to know how altitude, region, and water can affect the taste of your coffee. If you’re looking to brew that perfect cuppa of coffee or just wanting to learn something new, why not attend a Coffee workshop that teaches you the A-Z?

Live In Style Loves: Head to this weekend workshop for a caffeine fix and some fun lessons surrounding the brew.
Name: Roasted Today x Social: Know Your Coffee Workshop
When: August 18 | 4 PM
Where: Carter Road Social
Cost: INR 400 
Click here for booking:

Top Things To Do in Mumbai This Weekend

2) Camping Is In-Tents

If barbeque sessions beside a lively bonfire coupled with star gazing are more of ‘your thing’, why not go camping to a nearby lake? The Pawna Lake near Lonavala in Maharashtra is the perfect place to spend a quiet vacation away from the city. An artificial lake, it's located some 10 km off the Kamshet village on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway and is lined with camping sites along its picturesque scenery. Along with an overnight stay that includes BBQ-ing your own veggies and meats and gazing into the moonlit sky, you can also opt to go Pedal-Boating or Kayaking in the lake. Sounds like fun? Be a part of it!

Live In Style Loves: An affordable camping at Pawna Lake organised by Pawna Camp. Enjoy bonfire, barbeque, music & more.
Name: Pawna Lake Camping By Pawna Camp
When: Every day at 4 PM
Cost: INR 1299 to INR 2500 
Click here for booking:

Top Things To Do in Mumbai This Weekend

3) Hello Mumbai!

Look closely… every corner in Mumbai has a story to tell. Rediscover and get familiar with the city’s rich heritage as you unearth facts unknown and exciting this weekend with any of Mumbai’s many local tour groups. When was the last time you felt like a tourist in your own city? Saw each and every aspect of the magic that is Mumbai – with a whole new set of eyes? This weekend, give your Instagram followers something to DM you about as you grab your camera and get exploring locales and their tales unknown.

Live In Style Loves: This Sunday, go on a walk in a seemingly unremarkable area that is packed with history!
Name: #ParelTT by Khaki Tours
When: August 18 | 4:30 PM
Cost: INR 699
Click here for booking:

4) Get Out!

Escape Rooms are popping up in just about every part of the world right now and if you haven’t been to one yet… you’re missing out. Thanks to Mumbai’s obsession with fantasy cinema and literature alike, there are quite a few experiences peppered around town. The premise of an escape room includes gathering your friends (pick only the smartest), solving puzzles and using clues to escape locked (only temporarily) and themed rooms before the timer runs out. As challenging as they may sound, escape rooms make for a fun thing to do with a group of friends over a weekend, or even with that girl you swiped right.

Live In Style Loves: Discover the inner tomb, identify the Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes unless you want to fall prey to an ancient curse!
Name: Escape The Tomb
When: August 19 | Multiple Slots Available
Cost: INR 2796
Click here for booking:

5) Saddle Up – Sunday

You’ve spent all of Saturday night with the boys, drinking beer like it’s going out of fashion and are planning to meet your date for brunch the next day. How exactly do you overcome the hangover? Easy, you head for a cycle ride for breakfast. The fresh air, sunshine, and easiness of a leisurely bike ride will kick-start your recovery and help sort out your digestion and headache. Hydrate as much as you can and head out to explore the lull of Mumbai’s vacant streets on an early Sunday morning. Who knows, you might even stumble upon like-minded (read hung-over) individuals at a pit-stop on a chai break. 

Live In Style Loves: Ride through South Mumbai and explore the various monuments and heritage sites and end the ride with breakfast at one of Colaba’s most iconic restaurants.
Name: Breakfast Cycle Ride
When: August 19 | 6:30 Am
Cost: INR 399
Click here for booking: