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A sportsman has many distinct qualities. The fitness levels, the form, the discipline and the technique are all equally important for any sportsperson. Since cricket in India is considered next to religion, the pressure on cricketers of the Indian team is immense. But in spite of the pressure, attention and criticism many cricketers have excelled time and again to not only shine as sports people but also as amazing human beings. These men in blue have been inspirational not simply on the field but off it too for their determination, sincerity and philanthropy. Here are some of the greatest Indian cricketers we truly admire.

1. Sachin Tendulkar
A gifted sportsman the master blaster has been instrumental for many of India’s cricketing victories. His sixes and centuries are world-famous for making and breaking records but that’s not the only reason he is so loved. Tendulkar is part of multiple charities. In fact, his daughter Sara’s birthday is celebrated in the slums of Mumbai every year. The cricketer has also done various awareness ads for free. Associated with Mumbai-based NGO Apnalaya, Sachin has sponsored education for over 200 underprivileged children. He also donated Rs. 51 lakh to the Uttarakhand relief fund when floods in 2013 left the state devastated. All these instances prove that Sachin is an inspiration not only on the field but off it too. 

 The Greatest Indian Cricketers Who Are Also Compassionate Human Beings
2. Virat Kohli
Known to be an aggressive cricketer, Virat is easily international cricket's most successful sportsman. But did you know that the ace sportsman is also extremely sensitive towards society? The sportsman started the Virat Kohli Foundation in 2013 or VKF that has donated crores for various causes. VKF also joined hands with Smile Foundation to host a charity event that would support the youth. His foundation has organised football matches, provided scholarships, distributed goods and been a part of many noble causes. In fact, the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper,when off the field, is often seen at NGOs and orphanages.


3. Sunil Gavaskar
A legendary player, Sunil Gavaskar was the first Indian batsman to score 10,000 test runs. He also set many records and is regarded as the best test batsmen in Test Cricket History. Sunil started the Champs foundation in 2003 which is an acronym for Caring, Helping, Assisting, Motivation and Promoting sportspersons. The aim of the foundation is to support retired athletes. Today Gavaskar is a commentator, columnist, author, and truly one of the most talented and inspirational sportspersons India has witnessed.  

4. MS Dhoni
A fine captain, MS Dhoni has been credited to bringing India’s lost world cup glory back. A wonderful wicket-keeper and batsman,Dhoni’s humble beginnings and rise in cricket are truly inspirational. The MS DhoniCharitable Foundation, founded in 2010 has organised many charity matches to support the Indian army for soldiers who are wounded on duty. The foundation also supports budding cricketers and grooms them to become better sportspeople. The commendable work done by Dhoni and his charitable trust has won him many praises. 

5. Kapil Dev
An excellent all-rounder on the field, Kapil Dev had a remarkable international cricketing career from 1978 to 1994. Dev is credited for his excellent leadership skills that helped India win the 1983 World Cup championship. Apart from donating money to various charitable causes, in 2003 Dev founded Khushi, a NGO for the underprivileged kids. Khushi currently works in 6 Indian states changing the lives of thousands of children by conducting projects in remedial and adult education, sanitation, health and nutrition, and more. Admirable, isn’t it?

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