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Ah, love and romance, they go together beautifully. And, we think there is no better place to experience them than in India. If you’re planning a date in India, there are some wonderful possibilities to choose from. You might want to find the best place for a quiet meal. In which case, we might suggest stopping at a bar in Mumbai. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a time with a little more excitement for you and your partner. You might then seek out one of the country’s most stunning nightclubs. Whatever you have in mind for your date, we’re sure you’ll find the answer to your need right here.


Visit The Taj Mahal

There is a reason why this beautiful location is known as the crown of palaces. It is truly mesmerizing to behold and is a wonderful destination for a date. Particularly if you and your partner are celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary. The palace can also be seen as a declaration of love. It was built when the wife of Shah Jahan died. He had it built so wherever she was, she would always know she was loved. A beautiful moment to celebrate while holding your love in your arms.


The Festival Of Lights

If your date is planned for before the end of the year you might want to witness the "Festival of Lights" together. This is a night of wondrous display of fireworks and entertainment. Many people like to be in the heart of the action down in the streets. But others are happier watching from a distance. There is no doubt the lounges in India in high-rise buildings offer some of the best views. If you take your loved one here, you’ll be able to see the festival surrounded by company, relaxing in luxury. Some of these bars like the Aer Lounge in Mumbai are truly spectacular. They are decorated with gorgeous interior design and are the perfect place to let the evening glide by. Also known as sunset bars, the popular venues get their name from the height. Even if the festival of lights has ended, you will still witness a beautiful sunset across a dazzling city.

Have a look at our Cocktail-Directory to get a flavour of the menu available.


Music And Entertainment

If you’re looking for a date evening with a touch more excitement, you want to head to an entertainment venue. You will find these in the heart of the major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. As well as Goa and Bangalore, these are the prime locations for live music shows and comedy nights. You won’t be disappointed by the wide selection of music that is available. But, if you have an ear for jazz you might want to head to the Blue Frog in Delhi. There you will find gorgeous renditions of popular jazz melodies both you and your partner are sure to love. An extra tip is to plan your date for a Thursday evening when you will be treated to live music. Visit our Pub-Finder to locate the nearest pub.

Or if you’re looking for a party, you might want to head to one of the cities bars. There you’ll find a lovely evening, filled with delicious food and drink. But as the hours get later the scene will change. The two of you will be swept away in house music that came from nowhere. A dance floor will suddenly appear as if by magic and you can start to enjoy a night in the town. You can go with your loved one to a great lounge like Sheesha Sky Lounge. It’s gorgeous style and romantic atmosphere is perfect for the first date or revive years of togetherness.

You might instead like to head to one of the countries many night clubs. After all, if you’re dressed for the occasion then why not enjoy yourself as much as you can. Visit our Party-Calendar to checkout the best parties in town.By doing that, you’ll be able to find some of the best parties that take place all year around. It could be the perfect place for a date that wants some excitement. These parties are often held at some of the most exclusive clubs so it can be a little bit of  a wait to get inside. But once you’re in you’ll feel like you belong there. You can dance on some of the biggest dance floors in the city or sit at a beautiful lit bar enjoying some conversation. The choice is yours.


Out Of The City


Then again, you might like to try something completely different for your date. Instead of being trapped in the city life, you could head out into the country. There you will find some incredibly romantic experiences. For instance, you could journey to Triund, just outside of McLeod Ganj. It’s an incredibly spiritual experience. While the trek of 4km uphill is quite strenuous, we guarantee the result will be worth it. Particularly, if you can enjoy it with someone whom you love.

Or if you’re near Goa you’ll be in a place for a great nightlife scene. But you’ll also be only a short drive away from Mararikulam. This is a beautiful and wonderful scene beach that is a brilliant place for a date on a sunny day. If you travel there on a warm evening you’re sure to love the view of the ocean that stretches into the distance for miles.

We hope you have found these ideas useful. We’re sure any one will mean a wonderful date for you and your love to enjoy together. May romance forever be in your hearts.


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