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The daunting realisation that it may be the last few days of singledom for your yaars calls for a celebration. But you don’t just need to head over to the nearest bar like every cliché bachelor party movie. We have a lot of interesting bachelor party ideas for your special celebration that everyone will actually remember for years to come.

Here we go!

Game Night With The Squad
Invite your yaars to a fun night at the gaming arena. Challenge each other at games like paintball, laser tag or bowling and enjoy the night away. This takes the least amount of preparation and if you add some good music and cocktails to go with it, you are all set. 
Out Of Bachelor Party Ideas? Here Are A Few Your Yaars Will Love

Road Tripping 
All those reading this will agree that we miss the good old days when we had all the time in the world to go on trips. Going on a scenic road trip will bring back the sweet nostalgia. You can make pit stops for a bonfire and some grilled munchies!
Out Of Bachelor Party Ideas? Here Are A Few Your Yaars Will Love

Poolside Party
If your city has the perfect weather for it, you can gather your gang and plan a smashing poolside party. Depending on the bride/groom’s personality you can make the day ultra-laidback or elaborate. Soak up the sun, indulge in some chit-chat and plan for your bestie’s big day.

Rustic Retreat  
If the city life is too chaotic for you, consider an escapade to a farmhouse outside the city or a cabin in the mountains? This will provide the much-needed break to the bride or the groom away from the hectic planning of the wedding! 

Spa Day 
Trust us, it’s not just the bride but also the groom who’ll like a nice day of being pampered before the wedding. More so when they are all so jittery amidst the planning and overbooked schedules. Plan a relaxing spa day for the bachelor party and put those tired minds at ease.

Karaoke Night
If the bride or groom loves to sing, how about booking a karaoke room for the entire brigade? Imagine the amount of fun you can have while crooning to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and playing the air-guitar like a boss! Plus, you won’t have to put up with other singers fighting for that mic either. 

Club Hopping
Let your hair down and dance till you drop at your city’s best clubs. If you are a regular and happen to know some of the DJs playing, even better. Dedicate some songs to the bride or groom and make sure you have a fantastic time!

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