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published time By Ujjwala published time 18 Apr, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
Hands down, comedians are the best thing that happened to the humakind. They come with the superpower of making life hilarious. Be it any situation, they will find a way or two to crack a light-hearted joke. God knows, we need that. The best part is we can binge watch them any time anywhere. 
If you are also in need of some upcoming comedians that you can binge watch, then here is whom you need to follow. 
1. Prashasti Singh 
This funny, girl next door will make you go ROFL with every quirk and quip. After her stint on Comicstaan, Prashasti is gradually becoming a known name in the Indian comic scene. Using humour as a coping mechanism, she shows how women struggle with modern relationships. If you haven’t checked out her most hilarious piece, then here it is. 

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2. Angad Singh Ranyal 
If there is one guy who make us laugh our hearts out, then it is Angad. What makes him interesting is that he puts across his POV so hilariously that even if it’s a normal day to day thing, it will seem as if Shakespeare himself has whipped up one of his plays. 

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3. Azeem Banatwalla
With an ever growing fanbase, he effortlessly talks about problems that old people face when it comes dealing with millennials. And, honestly, haven’t we (millennials) been there? Here is something that you can try. 

4. Karunesh Talwar 
If you are looking for the king of relatability then you must go watch Karunesh Talwar. He oh-so-wittingly portrays the simplicity of life. Being true to himself, he outrightly mentions that he likes to binge watch shows and spend time doing nothing. You must watch his stand-up special below. 

5. Urooj Ashfaq
If you have to define Urooj, then, one can say that she is the class-joker of the Indian comedian lot. Chirpy, creative and quick-witted, she also writes comedy sketches and stand-ups. Her take on things is hilarious, and this is the reason why she won FemaPalooza back in 2017. So, the next time you are looking to have a good laugh then try this. 

6. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia
Taking inspiration from his personal life, he explains how his over-optimistic mother is after his life to get married again. And, if not that, he will pick up funny instances from his life which leaves everyone in splits. If you’re wondering what to watch then, here is something for you. 

Now that you know which comedian to follow, let the binge-watching begin.