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published time By Liveinstyle published time 30 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Living life in style is something that many people dream of. They read celebrity gossip magazines, watch TV programs and wish that they could live the lavish lives that they seem to have. However, style will mean different things for different people. For some, it will mean having expensive cars and living in luxury accommodation. For others, it will simply mean having a sense of peace and well being at all times. Living life the way you choose to live it! You must remember, that celebrity magazines and programs aren’t always factual. Lots of it is smoke and mirrors, and it isn’t as glamorous as it seems. If you truly want to live life in style, this guide can give you a few ideas.

Travel to New Exciting Places

Travelling is a must if you want to become the best version of yourself. You’ll learn so much about different cultures and people. You’ll get a whole new perspective on the world! They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer, and we agree. You can have all of the stylish clothes and cars in the world, but a well travelled person is usually wiser and happier. What could be better than visiting countries all over the world? You’ll experience complete freedom! Own too many objects and they start to own you. Find yourself with travel and you’ll be so glad you did it. Even if you have to go alone, you don’t get the opportunity very often. You won’t be alone for long, as many people are taking a leap of faith and going solo each day. You will be able to attend some of the world’s most famous events and see some extraordinary sites. Imagine viewing the Northern lights in person, rather than in pictures. Imagine listening to trance music on a pristine beach in India as you enjoy a cheap but delicious cocktail. Go ahead and see how travel can enrich your life!


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life shouldn’t be played safe or comfortable for very long. You should do things each day that makes you a little bit uncomfortable. That’s when you know you’re living life in style!

Stepping out of your comfort zone will give you confidence, and make your self esteem go through the roof. The most stylish people have bags of confidence. You’ll do things you never thought possible, whether that’s a simple charity fun run or a scary bungee jump. When you are challenging yourself constantly, you never stop developing as a person.


Do Things That Make You Truly Happy

Make a list of things that make you happy and vow to do them more often. Whether this is going to music festivals, beach parties or reading books! Everybody needs hobbies and things they enjoy outside of work to stay sane. If your life is all work and no play, you won’t enjoy life as much as you should. Deep down, you know what makes you happy. Follow your heart!


Spend Time With the People You Love

Spend as much time as you can with people you love. If life teaches us anything, it’s that they aren’t going to be around forever. You may regret neglecting your family and friends later on if you don’t make the most of them while they are here.

People who spend lots of time with their family and friends have a better sense of well being than people who don’t. You may think you don’t have time, but you should make time. Make the people you love a priority. Even if you can only have a quick lunch with them once a month, do it. Even if you can only Skype call them, make sure you do it. One of the biggest regrets people have as they get older is neglecting their loved ones.


Eliminate Toxic People from Your Life

If there are toxic people in your life, don’t put up with them. It’s up to you to eliminate them and cut them out for good. They may not realise they are toxic. If you don’t want to cut them out completely, perhaps try speaking with them beforehand. If they don’t listen, then you can cut them out without feeling guilty. You don’t deserve to be made to feel bad by anybody. Some people may think that playing them at their own game is a good idea, but this is only harmful to you. Stooping to their level won’t feel good, ultimately. You need to clear your life off them.


Always Be True to Yourself

Always be true to yourself. Whether this is with your choice of career, your hobbies, or lifestyle, make sure it’s what you truly want. Nobody ever had a happy life living somebody else’s dreams. Sometimes, revealing who you really are can be scary. People might think we’re strange, or wrong. You shouldn’t listen to your friends, family or anybody if there’s something you really want to do. If you need to do it for your own personal development and happiness, make sure you do it. We only regret the chances we didn’t take and the things we didn’t do in the end!


If you can live your life doing everything above while simultaneously having nice cars, clothes, and money, that’s a bonus! What could be more stylish than living a life you’re proud of? Your ego and what other people think of you shouldn’t come into it. Avoid taking life too seriously and have lots of fun just being you!


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