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published time By Liveinstyle published time 18 Dec, 2017 Share image 2 Shares

It’s time for some New Year celebrations and resolutions while we welcome 2018 with open arms. And for all those lovebirds who are finding it hard to come up with a unique or quirky gift for your guy, we’re here to help. We know how notoriously difficult and challenging it can be to shop for your boyfriend, when chances are ripe that he has already bought what he fancied at that store last week.

So here are some quirky New Year gifting ideas for him to make your romantic New Year’s Eve celebration even more special and memorable. Take a look.

Whisky drinker’s glass

 Your Boyfriend Will Totally Appreciate These New Year Gifts (List), No Matter His Style

Gift this glass set to your whisky lover guy and see him gleam from ear to ear. Happily Unmarried, on its website, states how their researchers, “consumed lots of whiskies in all kinds of glasses to come up with this”. Also, the glass has been sourced all the way from Europe to provide you with quality glassware.


Bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label

 Your Boyfriend Will Totally Appreciate These New Year Gifts (List), No Matter His Style

There is a reason why Johnnie Walker Black Label is arguably the best selling high-end whisky in the country. Because it is simply the best-blended whisky that money can buy. And so it is a no-brainer that any whisky lover would appreciate this true icon as a year-end gift. Its complex character comes from the fact that it is blended with four whiskies from four corners of Scotland, providing it with a range of taste, aroma and depth. And every whisky used in this blending process is of a minimum 12-year vintage. Drink it with a splash of water, ice or as part of the many whisky cocktails listed here


Bluetooth gloves

Winter has arrived and this is probably the best thing on earth for your guy. These comfy gloves possess Bluetooth technology that will let him take phone calls without actually removing his gloves. If your man is a travel buff, these will definitely come handy.​


Chalkboard mug

This is the best gift for your workaholic boyfriend who has a new place to scribble now: the coffee mug. This gift set also includes a pair of chalks.


Beard trimmer

 Philips QT4018/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer is the best buy for your guy and is one of the most accurate ways to trim down that mane, the way he wants. Its titanium blades provide a superior experience over the usual steel ones. You can team this up with this awesome beard catcher that will help keep things neat and tidy.


Vintage superheroes poster

Whether he a fan of batman or superman, this vintage poster with its vibrant colours is just right for your sweetheart and captures the essence of all things superhero.  


3 shelves rack

Organising greens is a tough task, which is why this neat little ladder with shelves is the perfect gift that will keep his balcony in great shape.


Clearaudio Concept Turntable

Undoubtedly the best turntable around, Clearaudio Concept Turntable has some phenomenal sound output with 3 speed ranges of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM, making it a must buy for your guy.


Elephant Bluetooth speaker

If he’s into style and aesthetics, this Bluetooth speaker will make a great addition to his music collection and is made up of natural wood. High portability coupled with a transmission range of about 10 meters, this is the perfect device that your boyfriend will cherish for a long, long time. 



You can slyly make him value time with this one. 

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