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Be a man!

Enough of hearts and chocolates! Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved one you care. So why are men stuck with gifts that make absolutely no sense? This year, make sure your significant other knows that you want something special. All you need to do is make your message clear.

1. Leave hints

You can always leave a few subtle hints such as notes, an article, a link that says Scotch has just been voted as one of the top #GiftsMenLove.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

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2.Tell your friends

You can always leave the message with your friends so they can pass it on to your significant other. And act surprised when they get you that bottle of whisky

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

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3. Badmouth other gifts

Hate those teddy bears? Tell your girlfriend how much! Tell them how you’re allergic to those flowers or how you’re avoiding chocolates and help them narrow down their options.

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4. Leave them a message

Make sure they receive a long hand written note about how you would love to get something special this year- HINT: Scotch!

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5. Tell them

When everything fails, have an honest discussion with your partner. Be a man and tell your partner exactly what you want. After all, we are talking about the Gifts Men Love!



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