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It’s a constant conundrum – what do you get someone who has everything or who has strong tastes? And to make it even more complicated, what if it’s a gift to celebrate your loved one on Valentine’s Day? This just raises the stakes even higher! Here are some quick and nifty ideas for Valentine’s gifts that are instant hits with men no matter how picky they are! So you just can’t go wrong with one of these.

A pair of sunglasses

Sun Glasses for Valentine's Day Gift

Nothing screams coolness quotient as much as a pair of hip sunglasses and metal arm sunglasses in classic cuts and designs are really in right now. It’s a practical gift that is also very fashionable and will instantly elevate every outfit that your boyfriend or husband wears into a catwalk worthy one. Just beware that if he was already quite vain, this gift will only make it worse!

A good Scotch

Scotch As a Gift for Men

When a man knows what he likes and won’t brook any substitutes, there is no alternative to Scotch. It’s a drink that instantly conveys class and taste for the connoisseur who loves the good things in life. You can never go wrong with this choice. But to make it easier, rather than one bottle, pick up a hamper of Black Dog, Vat 69 and Black & White to really pamper the man in your life!

A grooming kit for the bearded boyfriend

We all prefer the clean shaven look but if your man sports a beard and is going to stick to this grooming choice, the least you can do is ensure it is always well groomed. One way to do that is to pick this fabulous Beard Envy kit that lets them wash, tame and style that mane of hair. It’s one small way of letting the loved one in your life feel so pampered that it elevates the daily grooming chore into a beauty ritual they wouldn’t want to miss!

A classic 1977 Star Wars t-shirt

Everyone may be gushing about the newest Star Wars film but if your man is a purist who loved the original more then, this is a sure fire way into his heart on Valentine’s Day. Grab this t-shirt that celebrates the original 1977 Star Wars directed by George Lucas featuring Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Carrie Fisher as Leia Skywalker and Mark Hamill as her brother Luke, as well as the iconic characters like Yoda and Darth Vader!

A Pour and Shoot mug

If your man is a camera junkie and amateur photographer who lives for his DSLR and won’t be caught without his camera kit and lenses on any trip then this is the perfect gift for him. This unique coffee mug is shaped like a camera lens and will let everyone know what a budding photographer you have as your boyfriend! It is also a quirky gift that captures his taste and interests well so he is likely to be floored by this choice!

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