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The wedding day is just as special for the bridegroom as the bride but we always tend to favour the bride with our gifts. If you are stumped about what to get a man on his wedding day, here are some ideas:

A photo shoot and a picture frame

What better way to capture the moment than to hire a candid photographer and organise a quirky photo shoot of the couple. Pick the best picture and frame it in the most exquisite photo frame. Look for sterling silver or a burnished gold frame. It will add a touch of class to the gift that the missus will love just as much as the groom. 

Kiss Frame - Wedding Gift this season


Classic Bottle of Scotch

No other drink says “milestone achieved” than a good bottle of scotch. It is an event appropriate gift that can be revisited every time they want to toast to their anniversary! If you offer a hamper of Black Dog, Vat 69 and Black & White – this might just become their signature drink that evokes the best memories of the wedding day!

Scotch is the Perfect Gift For Men - SWC


Customized cuff links

This is a practical yet aptly commemorative gift. Pick up a pair of distinctive metal cufflinks from a luxury brand and engrave the names of the couple and their wedding date on it.  Every time the groom wears these cuff links, it will not only look great; it will also serve as a quick reminder of his anniversary date!


A set of whiskey glasses

This would make a great addition to the bar that the groom is planning to set up at home. Get him a set of 4 or 6 glasses of the most finely crafted glassware. Apart from being a useful gift, it is also a subtle reminder to the couple to host a party as soon as they recover from their wedding!


A barbecue grill for the epicurean

If your friend loves his steak and barbecued meats and the only kind of cooking he ever does is on the grill then this is the perfect gift for him. On a warm day, he can invite a few friends over, pop a few steaks or sausages on the grill and have himself a picnic. The wife will be just as grateful for this gift that lets the groom handle the cooking for a change. 



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