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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Dec, 2017 Share image 1 Share

Remember the days when your grandfather watched over you and taught you little great things? Remember those days when he would get you candies and keep it as a secret from your parents? Of course, how can you forget, after all? Isn’t it time you give back all good that you’ve received? Then wait no more because you don’t actually need any occasion to see a smile on his face. Below, we have listed few gifts which are sure to bring a smile on his face, keeping in mind your love for him:


A Grandparent’s Journal of Experiences and Advice:


It is said that experience makes a man. Bring your grandfather to document his valuable experiences and lessons he wishes to pass on to his future generations. What then can make a better gift than this wonderful journal? This also shows that you really care and look forward to learn from you grandpa.


Smart Fitness Watch:


Aging calls for consistent exercising. Therefore, gift your grandpa something which will help him track his physical activities, like a smart fitness watch. One with a big display, touchscreen interface would be very easier for him to navigate. That special feature ensures he’ll be getting the most out of each exercise, and also minimizing his risk of injury. He can track steps, distance, calories burned.


Wireless Sleep sound Machine:

Well, it is but obvious that only good night wishes are not enough to get a good night’s sleep. Especially, when age catches up, sleep starts fading. Gift a wireless sleep sound machine to him so that he can sleep well and it favours his health. Plus, wireless feature lets him carry the sound machine anywhere he goes.


Gardener’s tool set:

If your grandfather enjoys gardening encourage him by gifting him this gardener’s tool set. If he hasn’t yet started gardening, then gift him this to begin with. He is sure to enjoy amidst a green garden which he will be proud of maintaining very well.


Time with Grandpa:

Time is very precious. All their lives grandparents spend their time toiling for their children and grandchildren. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, more so to enjoy. It is our duty as grandchildren to never let them feel lonely. He would love to spend time with you. Call those times dates. It might be a simple walk around a park and some hot coffee later. A hot meal in his favourite restaurant will do too. Sneak in a whisky drinking session with him. Enhance your time together with Johnnie Walker Scotch.


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