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Finding a gift for a friend can be a little challenging. But, if you know where his interests lie, you can easily customize your gifts to suit something he loves. If your friend happens to be someone who drinks occasionally, alcohol could be a good last minute gift. If you have some time on your hands, you can find some amazing gifts that your guy friend would enjoy. Here are some gifts that will make your friend remember his birthday party forever. 

A Bottle of Whisky-

Ultimate Gift Hack

If your friend enjoys alcoholic drinks on a regular basis, he will definitely love a good bottle of high-end whisky. Find a brand that offers a drink that offers sumptuous taste with every single gift. A big advantage of this gift, it could be opened at the party itself and consumed.

Scotch Glasses-

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Ultimate Gift Hack

Granted your friend may already have some at home, but finding an interesting set of glasses that will liven up his cabinet. Complement your personalized glasses with some interesting decanters and your friend will always remember the nice gesture.

Soda Maker-

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One can easily find this gift at a supermarket or online. Soda maker is one gift that your friend will surely appreciate since it is something that is of practical use. It will come in handy when your friend will feel like showing off his mixing skills and or wish for a mix of different spirits to get a delicious drink.

Swiss Army Cocktail Knife-

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What’s a better gift than something your friend can carry with him for occasions like parties, picnics or a festive celebration than a Swiss cocktail knife? If you can manage to get this gift, you will make your friend’s party something he’ll never forget.

Personalized Beer Mug-  

Almost every guy who enjoys drinking loves beer. A personalized beer mug with a message he loves or a dialogue from his favorite film is a gift he will use whenever he feels like enjoying the chilled drink. 

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