The remarkable gift you will not believe Prince Charles received last year…

Prince Charles Remarkable Gift

It’s an oft-asked question: ‘What do you give a man who has everything?’ The answer, it seems, is fairy dust! On January 13, a list of official gifts received by the Prince of Wales was published and it included this unusual item; amongst a host of other souvenirs received by the British royal over the course of 2015. Charles was presented with the curious keepsake in New Zealand, where he was also given baby booties and two giant lollipops for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

‘Bread’ and ‘two baskets of fruit’ are also mentioned on the exhaustive list, apart from several books and wristwatches. Another item that caught our eye was a gift consisting of 12 bottles of beer. We’d have recommended a fine decanter full of a treat from the Scotch Whisky Collection instead — it makes a great gift for any man, royal or not!

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