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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

One of the most common problems people face when someone is getting married is what to buy as a wedding gift for groom or bride. Here’s a list of best wedding gift ideas for grooms that rock!

The Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas Ever

It is a very happy occasion and we all wish them the very best in life, but let’s face it! Weddings are stressful. There are so many details that need to be managed for the big day and if you are close to the bride or the groom, there is a lot more to it!

A groomsman is an important figure at any wedding, because he is responsible for the well-being of the groom! After all, why should brides have all the fun? Let’s dive right in!

Here are some neat ideas for the desperate and helpless groomsman looking for the perfect wedding gift for the groom:

A Watch

There is no gift more timeless than a watch! Ironic, but true. A watch is always a great reminder of the occasion of when it was gifted. Who wouldn’t want to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives?

You can also engrave a personalized message so that it always remains – captured in the blissful time of the wedding! It surely adds a very emotional touch to the gift!

Gift a pocket watch as a wedding gift for the groom

If you want to go a little out of the box here, a pocket-watch is a very coming of age gift for men!

Funny Apparel

Men are different than women in many ways. Gifting is the epitome of that statement. As a groomsman, you not only have the power but also the responsibility of embarrassing your friend!

This could be a shirt that has a private joke only you two know or just another funny piece of clothing.

Gift a funny apparel as a wedding gift for the groom

Socks with interesting patterns are a hot favourite nowadays! If nothing else, they might think it is funny when they see it on their wedding day! It will also ease the stress of the biggest day of their life!

The hilarity and personal touch of the gift makes it one of the best gifts for groom from friends!

A Box of Cigars & Scotch

Cigars have become the global symbol of important events happening in a man’s life. Therefore, a cigar with close friends to smoke after the deed sounds like a good plan! What better way to have a cigar than with a glass of scotch?

Gift a box cigars & scotch as a wedding gift for the groom

Since it’s his wedding day, gift the groom a personalized bottle of Johnnie Walker and make their day even more special! A box of cigars and a bottle of scotch are the classiest gift you could as for!

Gifts for Groom from Bride

Wedding gift ideas for grooms are not just limited to “the boys”. The main woman in the guy’s life would also be a prime candidate in need of such ideas, it is her better half after all! Here are some of the best ones you can gift your soon to be husband!

A DIY Scrapbook

You know how they say “Old is Gold”? They’re not lying, my friend! The classic of all gifts, a DIY scrapbook is a great gift for the bride to make for her groom-to-be.

Gift a DIY scrapbook as a wedding gift for the groom from the bride

Go to his closest friends and family members and collect statements of love and friendship. This is an excellent starting point. In today’s day and age with the advances in technology, you can also make a video out of this to show at the wedding!

The Perfect Cologne

Every man loves to smell like a million bucks. You can choose to give him a personalized bottle of his favourite fragrance or even choose one for him! After all, he’d love to smell good for you!

Gift the perfect as a wedding gift for the groom from the bride.

A Love Letter

Contrary to popular belief, men love gifts just as much as women do! Nothing says up close and personal than a love letter! While traditional in approach, this simple gesture will mean worth a million bucks to your groom!

Gift a love letter as a wedding gift for the groom from the bride.

A love letter from the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with can be the highlight of his day and be the perfect gesture of love he needs! Simply writing down every reason you want to marry them is a deeply endearing experience for him.

When writing this love letter, there is no limit to the things you could do. You could even mix the scrapbook in with the love letter and make it artistic and engaging instead of just words! Either way, the groom is in for a pleasant surprise!

Traditionally, people only care about the bride and her feelings on the day of the wedding. But, the groom is an equal part of that equation. Just as much thought as goes into gifting the bride needs to be put in for the groom as well!

A Surprise Quiet Getaway

All men love a good bottle of scotch as a gift! You could give your groom a bottle of Johnnie Walker Scotch to end the wedding day in peace! You can also throw in a custom made ‘His and Hers’ scotch glasses to turn up the personal touch!

Gift a scotch bottle for the groom from the bride.

After the wedding is all wrapped up and the two of you find some alone time, open it up and celebrate this new chapter in your life with an evening!

A Bachelor Party private

We know, groomsmen are supposed to throw the groom a bachelor party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t team up! Make it personal for him by inviting all of his close friends! One of the quirkier gifts for groom from brides on our list, but it doesn’t hurt to be different!

You could plan out the entire thing in coordination with the groomsmen and make it a night worth remembering for your beloved! After all, he’s only going to have one bachelor party! Why not make it memorable?

Party Hard and Party Responsibly!