The Best Wedding Gifts for Men

Buying a wedding gift can be a tough decision. Most often, newlywed couples look at cutlery, crystal, household appliances and other such overdone gifts as more of nuisance than a gift that actually has some utility value. Because who needs another crystal bowl that in all probability will be left to gather dust in the back of a cupboard?

Instead of gifting the couple a joint gift, it might be better to give them individual gifts. For instance, scotch as a gift makes could make for a very tasteful wedding gift for a man. It’s one of those gifts for men that will be remembered for long with much fondness. We’ve put together a list of unique gifting ideas so that you don’t have to put too much thought into figuring out what to buy your male friend who’s about to get hitched.  


For your best friend

Wedding Gifts for Men Montegrappa Batman

So your closest friend will be getting married soon and it’s only natural that you want to go all out to gift him something special. The Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Set is a gift that he will treasure for life. The box set comprises an 18k gold nib fountain pen that bears all the signature elements of Batman, a pair of bat-shaped cufflinks, and a 42 mm watch also finished with all the trademark symbols of the Dark Knight. Packed in a classic Batman-themed box, this collectible set has been designed to delight the owner.

Available at Montegrappa Boutiques at Palladium (Mumbai), DLF Emporio (New Delhi) and other leading luxury multi-brand retail boutiques nationally.


Scotch as gift for the man who appreciates the finer things

This one is for the man who appreciates the finer things in life, someone who looks forward to quiet evenings with his newly wedded wife, interspersed with bustling dinners at home with friends and  family. And what better gift for him than something that adds more charm  to his Scotch Whisky Collection. Like a bottle of Black Dog with its myriad flavours and aroma. It is a gift he will cherish to the last drop.


For the fitness freak

Everyone has that one friend whose entire life revolves around fitness. A wearable fitness device could make for one of the most perfect wedding gifts for such a man. He will always remember you for giving him something that will inspire his already healthy fitness regime. The GOQii fitness band is more than just a fitness-tracking device. Besides tracking steps, sleep and other health data, it will offer him regular guidance from a personal coach based anywhere in India or abroad. GOQii’s updated avatar is much sleeker and offers a better battery life that ranges from 10-12 days.

Details available at


For the man with taste

Any scotch lover would appreciate a set of these tulip-shaped whisky snifter glasses as a gift. They capture the spirit of the drink, letting true scotch drinkers get the most out of their ‘liquid gold’. This set of Spiegelau Whisky Snifter Glasses can also make for the perfect wedding gift. Packaged as a set of two snifter glasses, this gift will please your scotch-loving friend who is sure to enjoy his scotch that much more when he drinks out of this glass. And, he will also take pleasure in introducing his better half to this delightful drink.

Available via


For the collector of curiosities

He might not be staying in his man cave for much longer, but he’s made sure to pack up his treasured collectibles to find them a spot in his new home. Give him one more collectible that he is sure to love. The artist Guillermo Forchino creates collectibles like this sandstone and resin Formula 1 car, sculpted down to the finest detail. Available via Designer Studio Collectibles in India, this caricature-style sculpture makes for a one-of-a-kind wedding gift for men.

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