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That special day of the year is upon us- when we show our appreciation for the special someone, by exchanging cards, chocolates and even exorbitant gifts. But do you know what your man would like? This year, go beyond the usual gifts and try out something new! After all, he deserves it. 


Do you know his interests?

Is he a reader? A techie? A coffee lover? A travel enthusiast? An athlete? An artist? Does a goal scored by his favorite team cheer him up even if it is three in the morning? Or perhaps he is a culinary expert with an interest for all things gourmet? Men come with all kinds of wonderful interests and it just makes us love them even more. Matching interests to find that ideal gift for every unique person in our lives is a great way of celebrating the day of love.  

perfect Valentine's Day gift

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Do his friends know what he wants?

This year get to know your man better in a way you don’t. Meet up with his friends and get to know about those gifts that never occurred to you. Ask them about his hobbies, favourite sports, music and anything under the sun that you think is out of your league. Having a conversation with his friends will give you new approach areas. 

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The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach

Who doesn’t love food?

Food is an intimate experience. Good food creates fond memories, fixes relationships. This year learn what is that one thing that your man really loves to eat and cook him that cuisine on the special day. Set up a beautiful candle light dinner set up and fall in love once again.

Sometimes following an untraditional route can lead you to the perfect gift. After all, if those don’t work out we have something strong to back you up at the last moment. 

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As per a recent research, we heard that Scotch secured the second position when it comes to gifts men love. And it perfectly justifies men with any personalities. This year, give your man the #GiftsMenLove

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