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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Dec, 2017 Share image 3 Shares

75th birthday is a milestone in itself. Thinking of a gift for your grandpa who is turning 75 might not be an easy task because he would everything that he needs. Now you know that this is no excuse for gifting anything ordinary or worst, just being present! Don’t worry whatsoever, we have listed gift ideas perfect to make the celebration worthwhile:


“You’re Only Old Once!” Book by Dr. Seuss


Gift this classic book which is an ode to aging. Dr. Seuss brilliantly brings out the essence of old age through his illustrations and clever rhymes. This is the first of our suggestions. It is humourous and that’s what matters.


House party:


Throwing him a house party can be another thoughtful idea. Think of it this way, this will make him happier than most birthdays could. Invite family and friends. Organise an orchestra or simply eat dinner with his favourite music playing in the background. Let everyone speak about their fondest memories with him. What more can he ask for?


75th birthday album: 

75 years is a long time, literally. Think of all the memories grandfather must have of his life till now. Right from his childhood days till he was in his sweet 16, adulthood to parenthood and then to be a grandparent must have been the sweetest promotion he must have ever got in his lifetime. Make a collection of his photos, certificates, articles and everything close to him and gift this lovely album to him.


Personalized Pocket Watch:

Gift your grandfather a timeless gift of love. This is classy and vintage, just right about for his 75th birthday. Also, he will always have you close to his heart. A gift to cherish isn’t it?


Time with Grandpa:

Time is very precious. All their lives grandparents spend their time toiling for their children and grandchildren. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, more so to enjoy. It is our duty as grandchildren to never let them feel lonely. He would love to spend time with you. Sneak in a whisky drinking session with him. Enhance your time together with Johnnie Walker Scotch.


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