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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 16 Mar, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Sam Smith Gift for Himself

Sometimes the best gifts for men, are the gifts you buy yourself. Making a case to support the point this month is Sam Smith, who has just splurged on a series of ancient Egyptian artefacts for his home. It seems the ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ singer stopped by the Barakat Gallery in London’s Mayfair last week, where he snapped up a few relics from the country of the Nile — after being inspired to do so by fellow musician Adam Lambert.

Adam (who has always been obsessed with Egyptian culture) met Sam on the Brit singer’s recent trip to New York, where the two performers apparently bonded over art. Either way, we’d assume the über-creative Sam already has quite an eye for art — and quite a collection too. It’s a little-known fact that Sam shares his moniker with an Australian artist of some repute, though we can’t quite say if he also owns art by the Aussie Sam Smith. One thing is clear though, it isn’t just the writing that’s on his walls!

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