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published time By Liveinstyle published time 17 Jan, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Well, love is a desire. But then it is mostly a desire to be desired. Love is special so is he. You see, it is not only the female race that is sensitive. For heaven’s sake, men can be cranky too. And when they get cranky, it is not very desirable or so we believe (wink).

Also, it becomes your duty to make him feel loved and desired, that’s the whole point of gifting. Thank him, make it known that he is special by gifting these:

1)    Soda Maker:


This is one innovative gift idea for him. Plus, he will surely appreciate given that it is very practical. Whether he wants to show off his bartending skills or is too lazy to go out to the mall, this will prove handy.

2)    JW Black Label:


It goes without saying that JW Scotch makes an awesome gift. Gift your Valentine a black label. It is smooth which makes it feel like heaven! So, pour yourselves a drink and raise a toast to the beautiful times ahead.

3)    Decanter:

He may or may not have a decanter. If he doesn’t, it is high time he has one. There are a variety of shapes in which decanters come, choose the best that he might like. Plus, it decorates the mantle or a side table. Quite a few benefits!

4)    Zippo:

You may also want to gift him a zippo, better a customized one. It is classier than any usual lighter, surely, so mainstream! Let your gift be special.

5)    Inflatable Crown:

Finally, a light-hearted gift. How cool is an inflatable crown for the King? We know you are Queen on daily basis (ahem ahem) King for one day (wink). Yes, choose to pamper or tease him, in the end, it is pure love.

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