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So it’s June already and the third Sunday of June is Father’s day, and I started making my list from the first week itself, what would be the perfect gift for my dad. Lots of things came to my mind like T-shirts, belts, wallets, perfumes, pens, etc. But then I thought this is something I gift every damn year, isn’t it too common. I said to myself NO I won’t be giving something cliché like every Goddamn year.

Then me and my friend sat with a pen and started writing What our father’s liked and disliked, in that came their interest in gyming, liking for music, and then what clicked us was LOVE FOR SCOTCH.  Scotch is a drink embraced and enjoyed wherever, whenever. Forget any stereotypes or pre-conceived notions of scotch being reserved for one occasion- the reality and culture of scotch is rich, diverse and anchored in savoring the moment and a thirst for life.

Bar Counter Father's Day Gift

Hell ya, Now there is this thing I have never gifted to my father and I am like why haven’t I thought of it before.  There are soo many similarities between scotch and my father.

  1. Both are really classy.
  2. The timeless scotch continues to ooze sophistication and glamour in today’s modern culture, so does my father.
  3.  Every scotch is unique and has it’s own characters, and every dad is unique in his own little ways.

While we were sitting and discussing, it came as a shock to me that my friend didn’t know that scotch is the world’s favorite whisky. It is found in the hands and on the lips of arbiters of taste around the world and love in every corner of the globe. No other spirit can offer the same range if tastes, textures and flavors. Just the other day when I was sitting with my father he taught me whether neat, on the rocks or in cocktail, there is no right or wrong way to drink a scotch, as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.

As when I was done with thinking what gift to buy, it occurred to me now I have to choose which to buy from such a huge variety of scotch.  I decided to take a call between three of my dad’s favorite whisky.

First, JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL- THE ICONIC BLEND, with its origins in the 1870s Johnnie walker black label the world’s no. 1 delux blend scotch whisky, was initially known as extra special highland whisky. Undeniably rich and smooth, it is an acclaimed masterpiece of blending craftsmanship- its depth drawn from over 40 selected grains and malt whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 12 years.

Second, JOHNNIE WALKER GOLD LABEL- THE CELEBRATION BLEND, Jim Beveridge, the Johnnie walker master blender has used exclusive whiskies from his Private Reserve to create an inimitable flavor in the Johnnie Walker Gold Label blend. These whiskies represent the best of the best from the Johnnie Walker reserves, which are the largest in the world. Johnnie Walker Gold Label is an intense, sophisticated and indulging flavor combined with a rarity of the blend.

Third, The Singleton of Glen Ord – Single Malt Scotch Whisky, The Singleton of Glen Ord comes from a distillery founded in the 19th century that keeps with the traditional methods of production with in-house malting, a very long fermentation combined with a slow distillation. All these elements combine to produce very unique single malt. The Singleton of Glen Ord has a warm fruity flavor that has seen it win numerous gold medals at several prestigious spirits competitions in the world.

After this much mind mapping I am gifting my dad The Singleton of Glen Ord, what are you gifting? #LoveScotch


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