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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 13 Jun, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

If you have ever given a gift that has truly been appreciated, you’ll know that gift-giving isn’t about scale. Bigger and flashier aren’t necessarily better. The best gifts ever are those that evoke emotion and mark memorable moments in the life of the receiver. LIVEINSTYLE.COM helps lift your gift game with a handful of personalized ideas for presents that are sure to be treasured for years to come…



best gift ever

Everyone loves the idea of a piece of clothing that unequivocally belongs to them, but the trick is in the execution. Slogan t-shirts tend to be tacky unless you’re in high school, but an elegantly monogrammed sweater or scarf can be a valued companion for life. You can also get socks or bathrobes aesthetically monogrammed — they make great groomsmen gifts too.



best gift ever

We aren’t talking about kitschy cushions with names printed on them or the unquestionably megalomaniacal business of bed sheets that include massive personal photograph transfers. For the house-proud linen connoisseur who spends hours shopping for his or her castle, a custom-dyed bed sheet set or duvet with a classic embroidered monogram would be manna from heaven. You can specify nuances and variations in the tone on exquisite Egyptian cotton — which means your gift will look like no other — and the recipient of this splendid gift can sleep content in the knowledge that they are a class apart.



Who doesn’t adore sumptuous stationery? If your loved ones are genteel souls with a taste for old-world luxurious detailing, they’ll be over the moon when they receive customised stationery. Notecards which are beautifully and thoughtfully illustrated with symbols of their favourite city or profession would certainly be appreciated. Design them a gorgeous set of visiting cards — packed in glassine pouches no less — and they’ll guard them zealously, handing them out only to a privileged few!



Turn perfumer for a few days to unlock one lucky person’s olfactory code. You’ll need to have been observant over a period of time to ascertain if they prefer bitter orange over white musk or the earthiness of sandalwood over the headiness of vanilla. If your nose isn’t terribly sensitive, you can relate the personality of the gift-receiver to scents. For example, a romantic and elegant person is most likely to be drawn to the scent of orchids, while a mysterious and curious character will like the muskiness of patchouli. By layering several scents, you can craft a unique signature fragrance that’s the ultimate customised indulgence.



We’re big believers in gifting friends a bottle of their favoured tipple and we often up the ante by adding flowers or food items to complement the gift. Take this amazing idea one step further by personalising the label on the bottle — add a photograph, a name or a memo that marks a milestone event, so this becomes a deeply personal present and a cherished keepsake. Better than a message in a bottle… a message on a bottle!

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