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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Fan of scotch? Love the flavor of whisky tingling in your mouth before you drink it up? Know someone else with this same affinity? Here’s how you can make a scotch tasting gift set in India at home that makes one of the perfect gifts for scotch lovers!

Scotch tasting gift sets make for amazing presents at house parties, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and break-ups as well! They’re also perfect for introducing someone to scotch for the first time!

Here are all the steps you need…

Step 1: Choose Your Scotch

We recommend you choose the best whisky brands so that your Scotch tasting gift set really comes to life! A scotch tasting set is made great by the selection of drinks and character that comes with each drink!

Here are our recommendations for a power-packed scotch sampler gift set that you can make at home:

Johnnie Walker:

Johnnie Walker Whiskey for Whiskey Tasting Gift Set in India

This is the world's most iconic and trendsetting scotch brand. It offers multiple blends so that each bottle gains that perfect Johnnie Walker character that everyone keeps talking about! Choose from the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Red Label, Gold Label and so on! These drinks have a rich smoky flavor which sets the brand apart!

Black Dog:

Black Dog Whiskey for Home Made Whiskey Gift Tasting Set

This premium whiskey brand has a blend of 25 different whiskys from Scotland! This is what makes it one of the best blended scotch whiskys in India! Black Dog gives you multiple variants to choose from – each with a unique blended flavour!

Black & White

The Black & White is an incredibly fresh, light and smoky in flavor whisky. It boasts of a rich, yet light taste which will leave your whisky lover friend in love with the bottle to bits!


Buy these miniature whisky bottles in India online. You can mix and match or go neat by choosing just one brand with different variants! You could never go wrong with these brands. After all, choosing the right brand is half the job done!

However, making a scotch tasting gift set in India is not easy. If you can’t find these miniature bottles anywhere, you can simply buy whisky online from Hip Bar for free delivery in India and use miniature sampling bottles to do the job!

Step 2: Choose a Case

When you’re picking out gifts for scotch drinkers, presentation will matter a lot! Scotch lovers are particular about their drinks and they’re particular about all the other details that come with it!

A scotch gift is incomplete without some fine leather thrown into the mix. We suggest you pick a leather case to impress your fellow scotch drinker with sophisticated presentation! Here are some examples you can choose from:

Create scotch-whisky miniatures gift set with Leather Storage case – blackCreate scotch-whisky miniatures gift set with Leather Storage case – brown

You could also use a basket or a gift bag to put your miniature whisky bottles. Fill them with some liquor flavored chocolates to top the gift off. You could also go the extra mile and include a miniature scotch glass for your friend to keep as a souvenir!

Top this scotch tasting gift set with a personalized gift for your friends and you’re good to go! If give a scotch gift set with the best scotches in the world, you will make your fellow scotch lover an incredibly happy person!  

To keep the party going, order some scotch online from Hip Bar and get that fine drinking experience delivered at your doorstep. Download the Hip Bar App here. Take out two glasses of scotch and have a good time!

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LiveInStyle wishes you and your scotch drinking buddy a happy clinking time! Party responsibly!