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There is a new style of gifting in vogue! Scotch as gift can be very unconventional and interesting. Say, you already have the perfect scotch bottle ready - the Black Dog scotch whiskey; now how about you raise your game and gift them a scotch hamper to go with it! It’s difficult to find good ones in India, so get creative and build one by yourself. Here’s some things you can include in them 

1. Whisky Cake

Ask your favorite bakery to work their magic on a storable, whiskey cake.  Wrap it up real good and you have your hamper item #1 ready! It could rank as one of the best gifts for men in the world. 

Whiskey Cake - Gift for Men


2. Hand-made chocolate

Do not let your hand reach that local chocolate brand. This hamper item is an offer no one refuses.  Visit a shop, such as Sinsational Chocolates in Bandra, Mumbai, and ask them for their finest dark chocolate. Depending on what you’re gifting, you can even ask for recommendations.


Chocolate with Scotch Hammer - Gift for Men

3. Whiskey-based coffee

Coffee extracted out of coffee beans flavoured with scotch whiskey will make mornings the true “happy hours”.

4. Whiskey stones set

Available on any major online retail store in India, whiskey stones  will make sure your giftee’s  relaxing drink never gets watered down.

5. Smoked cheese

Or any kind of soft cheese or cheese spread that makes plain crackers a delight to eat. Take your pick from popular FMCG online retail outlets like Nature’s Basket.

6. Raspberry-infused gin

A sweeter flavor to guarantee overall happiness to the giftee. You can add your own touch to it by making it yourself.

7. Pineapple chilli jam

Sweetness of pineapples and the burst of spice from the chilli make for a perfect spread.

These are a few suggestions to create a basic Scotch hamper. You can go all out by getting two types of things for each kind of item. The only thumb rule that you must follow is balancing the sweet, spicy and neutral flavors. And always remember, any gift you give will be appreciated because you put your thought into it!

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