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Some events are a rite of passage, like your first job or first salary or first car, but the best way to distinguish the men from the boys is by the accoutrements they wear. So here are some gift ideas for the men in your life who are no longer boys.

A classic pair of Aviators

Nothing says iconic like a pair of aviators especially the ones with a metal frame. Leave behind the sports sunglasses with their bright neon shades and plastic because those are for the boys. This is the real deal and it takes a man to rock a pair of aviators.  

Aviators Gift for Boys


Classic Bottle of Scotch

Other drinks like beer, vodka or rum evoke the first flush of adulthood. Scotch is for those men who have weathered a storm or two and shed their boyhood drinks. They know exactly what they like and they won’t compromise on their drink of choice. Make it a hamper of Black Dog, Vat 69 and Black & White – because a man should never be without a bar full of scotch!

Scotch as a Gift for Boys


A customized luxury timepiece

Nothing says luxury like a customized or engraved timepiece from a premium watchmaker, invariably Swiss or German. Real men place a high premium on time – not just being on time but their own time is also precious. An expensive gift like a luxury watch is usually reserved for landmark events, birthdays and anniversaries but it’s a true rite of passage for boys to men.


A set of whimsical bow ties

While most boys have a dress code determined by work, a man dresses for himself alone. A set of quirky or whimsical bow ties would be the best gift for such a man who isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and feels utterly comfortable in bow ties rather than plain old fashioned ties. 


Genuine leather custom-made shoes

Converse shoes and sports sneakers are for boys. For the man in your life, go with a custom-made brown leather shoe, preferably Italian in design. It’s a gift that says understated luxury and yet it is also immensely practical as leather shoes made to measure can last forever and fit like a second skin in terms of comfort. It doesn’t hurt that they will also look good with everything in his wardrobe. 

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