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A man with great taste is very particular about the things he buys. His evolved sense of aesthetics would probably reflect across the clothes he wears, the brands he buys, the places he frequents and the company he keeps. It is usually a challenge to pick gifts for these type of men, but you’re in luck, we’ve put together a list of gifts that a man with good taste will love.  

1. Dapper Formal Accessories

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Formal Accessories Gifts for Men

A man with great taste always has an evolved dressing style, he probably takes time in carefully picking out that perfect pocket square and the tie that goes with it. So you could consider gifting him an assortment of formal accessories, look for cufflinks, a tie pin or a wallet. You could go a step further and put together a formal accessories gift box too.


2. A Bottle Of Scotch 

Scotch Gift for Men

When it comes to great taste, scotch is right up there. So you most definitely won’t go wrong in gifting him a bottle. It would add to his collection and will be a reflection of your great taste as well.   


3.  A Personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel

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A connoisseur usually loves personalized things. You could gift him something that looks good on his bar and is also a container for his favourite scotch. Gift him a mini whiskey barrel and just to make him feel great about himself, have is name or initials engraved on it.


4. Workstation Stress Busters

You could gift him workplace accessories like a Newton’s Cradle, a desktop zen garden or other stress busters that you can easily find online. Try not to go overboard with it by gifting him something too colourful or whacky, remember that you’re gifting a man with great taste. So keep it simple, classic and formal. 


5. A year's Subscription to a Magazine

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Men with great taste are known to love big toys, exotic locations and luxurious living and the reading that supports their lifestlye, so getting him a subscription to niche category magazines such as magazines about yachts, golfing or charter aircrafts, it would make him happy every month. Here’s a clue - try and look for really unique magazines to keep him interested throughout the year. 


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