Gifts for your husband that will make him love you more!

Perhaps you have an anniversary coming up, or a birthday, and it is time to show your husband that he means the world to you. Maybe he’s had a rough week at work and you think he is due some pampering. We’re superfans of un-birthday gifts too, so we’ve drawn up a list of goodies that will wow him, no matter what the occasion. Better still, these are gifts that will make him love you more and we’ll even tell you why…



Gifts for Husband Leather Wallets

Here’s a gift that is all about money, but you won’t break the bank buying it. Pick out a wallet for your main man, keeping his taste in mind. The fashion-forward luxury connoisseur is likely to love Fendi’s funky ‘Monster Creature Leather Wallet,’ while the play-it-safe gent may prefer a classic Prada piece. Go the swadeshi route and buy him a Hidesign billfold in rich vegetable-tanned leather. Whatever you choose, take the liberty to slip in a flattering picture of yourself — not only will your husband enjoy his slick new wallet, every time he opens it he’ll be reminded of you!



It’s time to play on and elevate your listening experience. Don’t play the shrew by constantly telling your husband to turn down the volume; instead indulge him with a superior set of speakers. The Backes & Müller BM 100s are amazing if money is no object, but you could always opt for speakers by DALI if you are looking for quality but don’t want to spend about as much as it costs to buy a car. The specific brand doesn’t really matter as much as the gesture — and your husband will love you even more when you settle down to listen to his favourite tunes with him on a lazy Sunday afternoon.



Consider scotch as a gift and impress your husband by savouring a quiet moment together, sipping on a special blend. From The Singleton to a wide range of offerings courtesy Johnnie Walker, we can think of a fair few bottles that are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face. If you’d like to up the ante, throw in two crystal tumblers, stainless steel tongs and a snazzy new ice bucket. Together you can romance the pause, with romance being the operative word.



Ideal for an anniversary, but well suited as a gift for almost any occasion, is a new ring. Perhaps you purchased his wedding band in a tearing hurry and think it is time to offer him an upgrade. Conversely, you bought him a band studded with diamonds, which he has always thought was far too bling. Assuming your husband does wear his wedding band (because, honestly, many Indian men don’t), go ahead and buy him a new one. We adore the Cartier ‘Love’ bands, which you can have engraved with a unique message. If you are travelling, you could also scout for a band by David Yurman. Closer home — and less pricey — is the option of your local jeweller; or should you fancy an online purchase.



They say nothing in the world is more expensive than a woman who’s free for the weekend, so (all joking aside) gift him a weekend away with the boys! Get his gang together and pack them off for a guys-only getaway. It’s a wonderful way for him to rock it up like he did back in the day and when he returns, you can be sure he’ll have missed you. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder — especially when home cooked meals and ironed clothes are scarce!

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