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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 18 Jul, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

If you’ve been struggling to pick out the perfect gift for your better half or your brother, why not choose something that comes with a few fringe benefits for you too? After all, what could be more perfect than a gift for him that you can enjoy as well?struggling to pick out the perfect gift for your better half or your brother

LIVEINSTYLE.COM draws up a list of five gifts for men that women secretly want too. Read on for our top picks...

A GoPro Camera

Every brand from Canon to Nikon has taken a hit since the advent of the camera phone, but there’s one player on the market who has grown despite this trend. California-based GoPro claims to make “the world’s most versatile cameras” and it’s a declaration most buyers wholeheartedly agree with. If you are looking for a weatherproof and shockproof gizmo that comes in a powerful, compact package, look no further. As a gift, this is ideal for action junkies — these tiny box-shaped cameras can be attached to helmets or handlebars for hikers, bikers and climbers and they’re fabulous for Facebook and Instagram selfie fanatics. From the entry-level GoPro HERO to gadgets that offer 4K ultra-high resolution video, Wi-Fi communication for slicker smartphone uploading and quicker burst photography, there are several options on offer to suit a range of budgets. Gift the GoPro and you are sure to get photos and videos that will please the entire family in return. Plus, you can always borrow the GoPro to make some memories of your own!

GoPro Camera for Men

A Wireless Key Finder

If you are entirely fed up of searching for his keys every morning, this is the perfect gift. Not only will you spare yourself the chore, the recipient of this gift will really appreciate the ease with which his most precious belongings can now be located. Of all the wireless key finders on the market, Tile is the best available. Attach it to his key chain — or any other object — and use Bluetooth to sync it with his phone. Then he simply has to tap the ‘Find’ button on the associated app and an alarm begins to sound on the misplaced object. Reviewers recommend Duet by Protag too, if you find the Tile key finder hard to come by.

Best Gift for Men - Wireless Key Finder

Scotch as a Gift

Here’s a gift that can provide hours of shared pleasure! Even if you aren’t a whisky drinker yourself, the perfect way to make this gift a mutual indulgence is to curate a hamper of complementary treats to go with a beautiful bottle of Johnnie Walker or The Singleton. We’d recommend whisky chaser chocolates, caramel-coated cashews and shortbread biscuits; but you could also add a variety of cheeses, gourmet crackers and delicious preserves.

A Cooler for the Camper

If you entertain outdoors, love picnics and travel often, this is the perfect gift. From beer to baked goodies, you can pack it all in — ensuring you both enjoy the benefits. Choose a stainless steel cooler by Coleman or buy something from their trademark blue collection; with its ‘Have-A-Seat’ lid these coolers will also guarantee you always have a place to sit while you enjoy your adventure! Brands like Pelican or Yeti are good options too, with several heavy-duty coolers on offer.

A Netflix Subscription

With Netflix now in India, why not gift a subscription? Touted as the world’s top video streaming service, Netflix gives users access to thousands of movies and TV shows — available for instant viewing on any device that has Internet connectivity. With no ad breaks (no matter how much you watch) and the ability to pause, rewind, fast-forward or re-watch as often as you like, this is a service guaranteed to please avid TV watchers. Better still, there is enough content available to delight both the recipient of this gift and yourself; making it (without a doubt) a gift for men that women secretly want too!

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