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published time By Liveinstyle published time 26 Oct, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

A professional career is a journey with many milestones, often these milestones are celebrated as special occasions and gifting becomes a norm. Here are 5 such occasions and apt gifts for them.

1. A pack of business ties to help him power dress for his first job 


The corporate world is all about power dressing. And for someone who’s just finished college and is all set to enter the corporate world it’s quite an occasion. A good set of corporate ties will see him dressed sharp and look the part he’s about to play. Go for muted black and blues and greys with small subtle motifs, if any.

2. A pair of cufflinks for a successful year

Cufflinks Occasions Gifts for Men

One year at a job marks milestone and instils confidence in the man. He’s now got the hang of things and needs to work towards his first promotion. It’s all about dressing for his next job and a pair of stylish cufflinks will lend an air of cool sophistication to the power dressing ensemble.

3. A business deal and a bottle of scotch

New business always means celebration and hard work ahead. Cracking a big business deal is always a huge thing for a man. It calls for celebration, a bottle of scotch will commend efforts like none other. 

4. Promotion and a golf club

Gifting iron for a promotion is a way to appreciate a colleague’s mettle it’s like welcoming him into the big league, game wise and profession wise. Gift your newly promoted colleague a golf club and maybe plan a weekend game. 

5. Retirement and writing the journey 

A journey well lived is one worth writing. An expensive pen is the probably the perfect gift for someone who has retired after a long and successful corporate career. 

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