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published time By Man's World Magazine published time 06 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

1. Your Good Old Dad

Good Scotch with Dad

Ask any father about their beloved drinks, and one of them has to be Scotch. And there is no better way to spend time with your father than by sharing a bottle of the world’s finest Scotch whisky with him. All the eye-roll worthy dad jokes seem a lot more bearable and maybe even funny with a few drinks in. He will be happy you’re finally laughing at his jokes. For a dad you will always be a child no matter what, so sharing a bottle of Scotch is the most grown up yet fun thing you can do together without feeling too grown up. Let’s not forget how he always supports your dreams and crazy whims, and that deserves a treat. And with a bottle of Scotch, you will officially be his favourite child.

2. Your Esteemed Boss

Scotch Gift for Boss

What better way to get into your boss’ good books than sharing a bottle of the best Scotch  with him? After all the finest people do deserve the good stuff. Not to mention the perfect way to score some bonus points for the upcoming promotion.  Besides as a leader with lot on his plate he has a lot of decisions to make, which can often be stressful. Scotch is one way of you telling him to relax and unwind. Besides, he has been good to you, and at various points provided mentorship in your career. So a bottle of Scotch is a good way of showing your appreciation. And sharing a bottle of Scotch is also one way of building a personal connection with him. You might even end up being really good friends. Besides, whisky drinkers tend to be kindred spirits, and the bonhomie that develops will go a long way as far as your future is concerned.

3.Your Beloved Best Friend

No one knows you like your best friend. The good, the bad, the ugly; he has been with you through it all. Pop open a bottle of Scotch and laugh away at all the crazy, priceless moments from your long history together. You share the strongest bond with them.  He is among the few who will not judge you for what you do, because he has seen it all. He is the only one outside your family that you can share your innermost feelings, insecurities and many a secret.  A bottle of Scotch provides the best setting to talk about all this, reminisce about the past and talk about the present and the future.

4. Your Lovely Girlfriend

She may swear by LIIT and mojitos but a taste of a top-drawer Scotch may just change her mind. If she does enjoy the drink you have lucked out, my friend. After all there is nothing sexier than a woman who drinks whisky. And if she is already a Scotch drinker, it is indicative of her taste for the finer things in life. Not to mention of being a little badass. Whisky hitherto was something that you normally shared with your buddies (because it was always thought to have been a man’s drink) but the bond you share with your whisky loving girlfriend is something else altogether. It combines the best of both worlds.

5. Someone Who Has Never Had Scotch

Whisky is often called “liquid sunshine”, which is why anyone who has never had Scotch has to give it a shot. Literally, the “water of life”, it is one of the most complex drinks in the alcohol world, and tastes different every time. So it might take a few drinks for a first timer to truly enjoy whisky but once hooked there is no going back. They will be eternally grateful to you for introducing them to one of the best things the world has to offer. But it’s important to start them with a high quality Scotch so that they are not put off. And of course, there is also that satisfaction of having taught him or her, the right way to enjoy Scotch. 

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