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Dresses - Check! Jewelry - Check! Selfies - Check! Wedding Gift – err…? It's only a few days for your friend's pre-wedding events to begin, and if you are still googling ‘unique wedding gift ideas for friends' We are happy to help!

A friend's wedding is a perfect occasion to make them feel special, but not before pulling their leg a little! Read about some of the most unique wedding gift ideas for friends and surprise them with a gift they would never have expected! Here are our secrets to giving the best gifts on a wedding!

Here are some amazingly quirky ideas for wedding gifts for friend that will fondly remind them of you, even after few years!

The Best Indian Wedding Gifts for Friends

A Personalized Bottle Holder (With a Difference)

You have known your friend for a long time, and their secret preferences too! Remember those tipsy nights and hangover in the mornings? A wedding is the best time to live those days once again before their life changes forever! Gift your friend a classy, personalized beer, wine or champagne holder… along with a bottle, of course! What better than a bottle of scotch!

Personalized bottle of Johnnie Walker for the couple as a wedding gift

Image Credits: Johnnie Walker

Personalize a Bottle of Johnnie Walker for them! Get the happy couple’s names engraved on one bottle (or two) and celebrate the occasion like good ol’ times! If you're in Bangalore, you can even order Johnnie Walker Online and get alcohol delivered at home for free from Hip Bar!

Exclusive Barware

Forget about run-of-the-mill crockery sets. If drinking is not a hush-hush affair in their family, an exclusive barware can make for a chic, stylish and thoughtful gift on your friend’s wedding. While ready barware sets are available in the market, you can even customize by personally choosing various bar requirements.

Barware and bar kits – best wedding gift for male friends.

Image Credits: Volusion

A hamper containing whiskey, cocktail shakers, shot glasses and bottle openers with quirky one-liners, drink dispensers, craft beer growler, chilling coaster set, ice bucket and cocktail shaker set with a peg measurer and whiskey stones can be the best of wedding gifts for male friends!

Treat Them to a Room

Those tipsy conversations brought you and your friend a lot closer. You know their deepest desires and they know yours! That’s what makes you the right person to orchestrate their fairy tale wedding night! Here’s your perfect recipe:

Gift a room/vacation for the couple as a wedding gift

Image Credits: Seaview Hotel

Book a room in their favourite hotel overlooking the sea, with a personal verandah. Decorate the room with the couple’s favourite things – perfumed candles, fresh flowers, dim lights and a bottle of scotch to go along with two glasses, waiting to be clinked! This makes for a truly memorable wedding gift for friends!

A Couple Spa Voucher

A wedding is always an exhausting affair, especially for the bride! Days of rehearsing for sangeet and a series of events may leave the newly-married couple tired to the core. Gifting them a Couple Spa Voucher can revive their energy and kindle a spark that writes relaxed all over their faces! It will also give them some alone-time in peace! Away with the hustle-bustle of scrutinizing guests!

Image Credits:

If you want to become the hero of wedding gifts, this is your idea for a wedding gift for best female friend. Indian brides, or all brides for this matter, love to be pampered, especially by their best friends. This thoughtful gift says congratulations like no other!

Frame a Life-Size Quirky Caricature

The candid photos out from a wedding album are passé! Caricatures are quirky… and they are in! Gift your friend a life-size photo frame, but with their quirky caricature. If you include them in the caricature dressed in their wedding outfit – it’s the perfect cherry on the top!

Gift a life-size caricature to the couple as a wedding gift

Image Credits: Flickr

This funny frame will not only adorn the best wall in their home but also captures one of their most important days in an incredibly endearing way! Brownie points for being creative!

Don't be surprised if you hear, "Why none of my friends is as creative as you are?" You can thank us later!

Even if you're on a budget, be at your creative best, and gift the most unique affordable wedding gift to your friend. Celebrate one of the best moments of their lives without money coming in the way!

Party Hard, Party Responsibly!