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With the onset of the festivities, women surely have impending doom settling on them. While gifting for women is relatively easy, whereas gifting for men isn’t easy in anyway. We are all at some point faced with a huge dilemma. What can we gift a man? We have a few pointers for you to follow while gifting. Hope they help.

Do’s-Here are some things that have worked for us:

Festive Gifts for Men

Get to know the person well: It’s important to know the person you are gifting. Learn more about his tastes and his personality before giving him the perfect gift. Picking something up just for the sake of it doesn’t make sense.

Look for something unique: Giving a man something rare can also work as a lovely gift. No man will say no to a rare bottle of scotch or an age-old wine. Some men, who are eco friendly and conscious of the environment would love an organic hamper basket.

Keep in mind a budget: Adhering to a budget will make a lot of sense. It will narrow down the search for a gift by a huge margin. Try to stick to a budget. A guy shouldn't be overwhelmed when receiving the gift.

Give them something they will cherish for long: It’s the thought that counts when you gift. But it is always nice to be remembered by a gift. Try and pick something that you will be remembered by. A guy will definitely remember you if you gave him a 12-year-old bottle of scotch.

Take them shopping: If you are someone who doesn’t have a clue about what to give a guy, then the best thing to do is just take the person shopping. Let him pick up whatever he wants. In that way all you have to do is just foot the bill. You can also make a note for future reference, and everyone is happy.

Dont’s - Here are some of the dont's to remember when gifting for a man and these inputs have come from guys themselves.

Secret Festive Gift Ideas for Men

Don’t shop for feminine colors: If there is one thing that a man would detest, it would be receiving a pink, red or magenta colored anything. Some men like it, but a majority of them detest it. Feminine colors are a big no-no while shopping for a man.

Gift thoughtfully: Be thoughtful while choosing a gift, especially if you aren’t close to the person. A silly gift is very unappreciated, no matter how much of thought goes into it.

Gifting personal items: Another complete no-no. Gifting a man a ring or a chain is a bad move. It’s too personal of a gift to be given to someone unless you are close to them. Gifting bracelets and other such accessories are pointless, too.

Age-appropriate gifts: It’s best to give a man age appropriate gifts. A man in his 40s and 50s will definitely enjoy a bottle of scotch as compared to a video game. Keep in mind the likes and dislikes and the age of a person when looking for a gift.

Here are a few things different kinds of men will cherish:

If he is a businessman or an entrepreneur, he will definitely like a bottle of aged scotch. Scotch hampers are quite the rage these days. Go out and pick a nice one.

Men, like to smell pleasant, too. A good perfume (Not a deodorant) can do as a good gift. Find something with a hint of aqua, lemon, wood or musk tones. Grooming products like scented beard oil are a big rage now. Of course, this works only if he sports a beard.

If he is a gadget freak, nothing else will delight him than the latest of gadgets. Pick up the latest phone, kindle or iPad and see his face light up with joy.

For the fitness freak, a good and sturdy gym bag will be much appreciated. Find a durable one in bright colors and he is sure to thank you. What’s more? He is likely to use it most days of the week.

For the dapper dresser, there is only so many shirts and tees you can get. Gifting a pocket square, a tie or even a fancy, antique pocket watch can be appreciated.

For the music lover, one can always find him either an instrument he's wanted for long, or simply find him his favorite, hard-to-find LPs, and he is sure to appreciate you.

If your man is someone who loves to collect bar accessories, then cocktail glasses, wine decanters, steel ice that don't water down your drink and cocktail shakers will make a perfect gift.

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