Festive gifts for men that will ensure your generosity is appreciated

It’s that time of the year when everyone is sending out gifts — from friends and family, to corporate acquaintances. Stand out from the clutter and ensure your gift doesn’t end up in the proverbial ‘recycle bin’ with a little help from LIVEINSTYLE.COM


There’s no better way to ensure your gift is appreciated than by adding a personal touch. From monogrammed towels to a diary or pen with a name embossed on it, a personalised gift shows its recipient that you’ve taken the time to think of them specifically. Stay away from cheesy photo-mugs and opt for something offbeat, like a monogrammed mobile cover. If you have deep pockets, splurge on a monogrammed money clip or something from Louis Vuitton’s range of personalised fine leather goods — the Multiple Wallet Mon Monogram, for instance, which is sure to be cherished.

Louis Vuitton- Festive Gift For Man



Make an impression by gifting a fine bottle from the Scotch Whisky Collection. Considering the fervour of the festive season, the recipient of this gift will thank you sincerely for the pause when he sits down to savour a smooth scotch in the company of friends and family. As firecrackers light up the night sky, there’s nothing like a fine drink to warm the cockles of the heart, so you can be sure this is a gift that will go down well with any man.



With the festive season come unsaid liberties in the dietary department, so indulgent foods that may be taboo all year round are suddenly back on the menu. Gifting dry fruits and chocolates are de rigueur, but if you’re following the textbook style of giving cardboard boxes packed with nuts and candy, it is likely your gift will simply get passed on. This year, consider marzipan as an alternative to nuts — a delicacy made from the finest almonds and blended with organic sugar, these treats have been consumed by royalty since the Middle Ages! Nordic Kandie Magic (available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Raipur and Surat) is our top choice for marzipan makers who know how to elevate gifting these treats to the next level.



Men tend not to pencil in spa days, mani-pedis or massages when they’re planning their monthly calendar, so a wonderful, indulgent gift would be to ensure that the man at the receiving end of your generosity is forced into pampering himself! Gift a spa voucher that keeps on giving by booking 12 Sunday evening sessions at a local spa — one a month for the while year. Relaxed and refreshed from his spa day, he’ll thank you for this gift all year long.


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