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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Dec, 2017 Share image 1 Share

Whether it is your brother’s birthday or a start to a new ordeal, he will surely need your good wishes. He is family and family is forever. Plus he’s always been for you irrespective of who is the elder one among you. This is exactly when you can signify your support to him. So do it in the best way possible. Following is a list of choicest gift ideas:


Mustache grooming kit:


Is your brother a bearded man? Then this should probably be the right gift for him. This luxurious mustache grooming kit is like gifting him a luxurious start to his day. Remind just how handsome he looks with his well grown and maintained beard.

Johnnie Walker Black Label:


There’s no doubting that men just love spirits. So, why not gift him a Johnnie Walker Black Label aged whisky. After all, a handsome brother deserves handsome scotch. It is smooth and deep at the same time. Gift him a sublime experience.


Forest Landscape Whisky Glasses:

How classy is it to drink off rock glasses printed with detailed illustration of forest landscape wrapping? Such classy outdoor themed whisky glasses these are! If your brother is a country man or a nature lover, he will more than adore these glasses; that we are sure about.


Mobile Projector:

How about a mobile projector? It is perfect! Save your money on a TV and instead gift him a mobile Projector. Just a part of money required to buy a TV will get you a mobile projector plus it gives the feel of a big screen. Select one among a range of such devices and get one that suits him best!


Portable External Hard Drive:

If you are really not sure of what to get your brother, don’t take a risk. Get him something generic and useful. An external hard drive sounds too good. Whatever collection he may have: audio, video or games, more so, even if he has a business of his own this makes a wonderful gift he can have.


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