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There are some milestones in life that must never be forgotten. Receiving your first paycheck and other such seminal events are life-changing moments that call for a celebration. Your family and friends might even throw a party for you, which is all well and good. But have you ever celebrated your own achievements with a gift to remember these occasions by? While we agree that it’s easy to forget about recognition one’s own successes, allow us to be the voice of logic: You need to treat yourself to a gift for every momentous occasion that occurs in your life.  

That said, a celebratory bottle of Scotch as gift to yourself will put a smile on your face when a drop of this decadent drink touches your lips. Savour the taste of your recent success as you unwrap and unwind with a sip of Scotch such as Black Dog. After all, you do know how this particular Scotch makes for one of the choicest gifts for men. Here are some occasions that we think are worthy of breaking out a special bottle of Scotch.

When you get  your first promotion

Gift Scotch for Yourself

The celebrations around your first pay cheque was a bit muted, because you were still in that nervous state of mind, because you were new to the organisation and still working on getting settled in. But now it’s been a year, you worked hard, made new friends and  the reward is here, in the form of a promotion and big raise that came with it. It’s time to  take a break and smell the aroma of a good Scotch. It was long in coming and was richly deserved, even if you are telling yourself that.  And there couldn’t be a better time than  now to open that  special  bottle you have had your eyes for a long time.

On your birthday

Scotch on your Birthday as Gift

It is said that ‘birthday’ Scotch tastes better than any other Scotch. After the party has ended and your guests have left, you might want to open that special bottle of Scotch that you gifted yourself. Raise a toast and celebrate your existence as you truly appreciate this smooth amber spirit.

When you complete your first ten years at work

It’s remarkable if you manage to hold out long enough to celebrate your ten-year work birthday at a single company. This occasion is easily one of the most important milestones in your life. Even the guys at your office won’t let you go home for the day without a fair bit of merrymaking in honour of your decade-long dedication. Remember to make some time for yourself amid all the revelry to celebrate this milestone. Cracking open a bottle of Black Dog Scotch, enjoying some rare quality time, and drinking to your success is one of the nicest and most memorable things you can do for yourself.

When you start your own business

So you took a risk and quit your job because you had a business idea that you believed in. Your company is finally up and running. Now what? Step out, take a breather and buy yourself a bottle of Scotch as a gift. While you may think it’s a little too early to celebrate, remember that defining turning points like these don’t come along very often — if anything, it’s the perfect time to sip on a delightful drink of Scotch as you commend yourself on this occasion and look forward to future successes.

Your Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary ought to  be among the most important days  in your annual calendar. Your wedding day was without doubt  one of the most momentous days of your life, as  you bid farewell to  the single life to embark on a journey like no other. It is the day when you decided to spend the rest of your life  with someone else. Nothing was  the same again.  Your wedding anniversary celebrates that big transitional day of your life. Is it also a day that you celebrate the institution of marriage. Keeping a marriage together is a lot of hard work  these days, where both  you and your wife  have to make the necessary compromises and sacrifices for the good of each other. Thus in many ways it is a significant achievement. All these put together makes the wedding anniversary an important annual milestone in the life of every  contemporary urban man, an occasion to raise a big toast to your wife as well as yourself. What better way to do it, than with a  bottle of  a Scotch.

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