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published time By Liveinstyle published time 18 Jan, 2018 Share image 1 Share

You never know with whom you fall in love. You can’t decide, you can’t even say. So why decide on what makes a perfect gift?  Valentines Day truly doesn’t have to be expensive gifts. Love is after all not only about tangible gifts. So, this Valentine’s Day celebrate it meaningfully. Because it is more than just kind, it is about feels. Here begins our duty to give you ideas around intangibles which make great gifts:

1)    A walk in the park:

Valentines can be made special even by strolling in a park, hand in hand. Have you forgotten those old days when you just skipped stones aimlessly over the path and sharing a glass of hot tea on street side? Wouldn’t you want to do this all over again?

2)    A beach day:


We’ve always loved walking barefooted on the sands, haven’t we? Scribbling our names on the sands and watching the waves wipe it, but that was no stopping at all. So, go on. Head to a beach. Get lost in each other's eyes, caress his manly cheeks and make him feel special.

3)    Movie marathon:

Laze around with each other. Watch some romcoms. Re-define love. You never know which movie lines teach you new ways to love. Gulp some fruit juices, eat some popcorns. Watch a marathon of movies while you sit in each other’s embrace.

4)    Period dramas:

You might hesitate but you will surely end up falling in love with the movies and more with each other. These are love goals. Watch and you will know.

5)    Sweet sweat:

What’s more romantic than romantic playlist playing in the background, yellow lights lit up and you in him? Feel your breaths, heartbeat and show off your moves. Intimacy is the secret.


Image Credits: open walls, shutterstock, pinterest, grazia daily, nbc Chicago