Scotch As Gift : A Toast To All Those Success Stories With Your Mentor

Every individual has at least one great mentor in their lifetime. They will give you advice and inspiration that will be epiphanous and completely alter your future or at least, change the way you look at the future. 

Life mentors can positively influence us but they aren’t necessarily the ones we encounter in our education or career, like teachers and coaches. They can also be everyday people in our lives. That one tip from a sibling, or a relative or even a friend can create the impact that can influence us.

How about giving your mentor a scotch as gift and raising your glass to them in appreciation of their efforts to set your life in the right direction. 

What sharing a conversation over Scotch with your mentors leads to...

1) A hard look at yourself


Scotch as Gift after Success Story


Mentors are brutally honest, which helps you in looking at your weaknesses and work on them. Moreover, facing some life truths over a good Scotch, guided by your mentor helps you rethink a few things. A true mentor would never sugar-coat anything for you, but they also won’t hurt you in the process. Win win?

2) Find your rock

Your mentors always listen to you and remind you of your big successes you’ve already had in the past. They remind you that while you feel a little down right now, you’ve got to keep your head up, because you still have a bright future ahead of you. Drinking to this, will just be another good decision you will be taking after following the advice of your mentor, right?

3) Be inspired


They have always done this and do not mind doing it time and again. Basically, you know they’ve got your back. These moments surely need to be cherished over a peg of Scotch, don’t you think?

4) Renewed faith in self


That moment when your mentor looks straight in the eyes and says “Believe in yourself.” This is when, you know that they believe in you more than you do. And after they have so much to fuel your inner belief, drinking together is just another way of appreciating their efforts.

5) Chart your path with your role model

What better than drinking a peg or two with your role model? They are a living, breathing blueprint for you to imitate for your own needs. Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can follow in their footsteps.

If you have a mentor you look up to and want to catch up with, gift them a bottle of Black Dog and unwind with conversations of nostalgia and more.

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