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published time By Liveinstyle published time 18 Oct, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Gifts for Special Friend

You’ve been through school and college together and shared so much. So, when you want to choose a gift for your best pal, it’s got to bring back memories.

1) Blast from the past

College Day Gifts

Download all the hits from your college days. Team it with a wireless speaker to make a gift that’s in tune with your shared past.

2) Send a spine-chiller

Remember what fun you had watching horror flicks late at night in the hostel? Make a gift pack of all your favourite horror films together for your closest pal.

3) Campus cool

Get a hoodie jacket with your college motto on it. Your friend would love to wear it to every boys’ night out and relive the good ol’ days in the bargain.

4) Frame it 

Put together a collection of photos from your college days – first day in the hostel, the cricket match, cultural show, those rock shows you went to. Make collages or frame these to gift a memory.

5) To a tee

Who was your friend’s rock icon/ favourite superhero in college? Gift him a tee shirt that makes him remember those days of fun and frolic.

6) Games people play

Was the Rubik’s Cube your preferred plaything? Or, did you spend time kicking a football? Gift your friend a game and wrap it with memories.

7) Raise a toast

Your first experience of drinking is always memorable. Celebrate the memory with a gift that screams class: a bottle of fine Scotch. It’s a long way from the cheap beer you started off with.

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