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The more goodies you put, the better!

Drinking scotch whiskey isn’t like drinking any other alcohol. It’s the awakening of all your senses and drowning in its taste. To go with the exquisite Black Dog Scotch whiskey, the side-gifts should include nothing but the best.

1. Crackers
Snack with Scotch for Men
The square, deliciously plain biscuits that will help your giftee clean their palate, and not leave them hungry while drinking. They neutralise your palate so you enjoy the taste of your delicious wine better.

2. Any kind of cheese
Cheese snack with scotch gift for men
Cheddar, goat, blue, make your pick. The stronger the flavour of your cheese, the better. It’ll keep you fed and enhance the taste of your scotch whisky.

3. Garlic bread

Go to the finest bakery you know of and get their garlic bread. Tasty and filling, the grease will make your scotch smoother on your mouth.
4.  A packet of fresh chicken salami

Ready-to-eat meat packets are widely available all over India today. Buy a spiced chicken salami and your giftee will really appreciate your choice.

5.  Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate really enhances the taste of any kind of scotch. Don’t hold back on this one. Get two premium dark chocolates. One for your giftee and one for you.

6.  Oats cake or oats cookie

These are filling yet light food that go greatly with a scotch whiskey. 

7.  Coffee beans

Give your giftee a personal scent neutralizer - coffee beans. For days they will go on whiskey tasting, sniffing coffee before moving on to a new bottle will let them smell the whiskeys properly.

Now, get busy getting the gift basket together!

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