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The cold weather is a perfect time for giving gifts that can give a man that warm, fuzzy feeling. Here are some hot ideas to pick the perfect winter gifts for a man -


Woolies & more

The outdoor-loving man will sure appreciate some woolies that’ll keep him warm and make him look great, too. Think of a set of pure wool socks and gloves. And if he’s a cool dresser, he’ll welcome a beanie as well. These caps are a trendy hit this season.

Winter Gifts for Men

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A Good Scotch as a gift

What better way to spend winter evenings than nursing a great Scotch, either in solitude or in the warm company of friends! Make a Scotch Whisky Collection comprising Black Dog, Vat 69 and Black & White --some to be savoured neat, others with mixers and yet others to be turned into warm, winter cocktails.

Scotch Gift for Men in Winter


A pricey scarf

Whether it’s on haute couture catwalks or the high street, long scarves are a must-have accessory for men this winter. Make it a special gift, choosing a scarf woven from the purest Pashmina. It’s a gift that will be treasured forever.

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A great coffee-maker

There’s something about cold weather which makes everyone long for endless cups of good coffee. For the man who needs his caffeine kick and is coffee connoisseur an espresso machine makes a super winter gift. There’s a huge range and models to choose from – whether it’s a single shot you want to brew or make cappuccinos for a crowd.

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A bunch of best-sellers

Think winter, think long chilly evenings, snug under a blanket. For the man who loves to read, this is the perfect time of year to gift a set of books. Depending on his tastes, go for page-turning murder mysteries, classics, sci-fi or history. For the man who reads to enrich his work, buy tomes on management and success.

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Get ideas to gift the food along with scotch bottle for men as gift. encourages you to Party Responsibly!