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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 15 Jun, 2018 Share image 1 Share

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him by treating him to a special Father’s Day present.  And if you are still wondering what gift to get for him on this day then worry not. Check out our list of five unique presents that you can gift your dad on this Father’s Day, which will surely add a sparkle in his eyes and will make him smile. Take a look.

Smart Wallet

Smart wallet - fathers day gift

Move away from the traditional leather wallet and this Father’s Day gift your dad a smart wallet. A smart wallet is not just a wallet but much more. Loaded with several features like Global GPS system that secures your wallet from robbery, Bluetooth alarm system that notifies every time one forgets the wallet, power bank to charge the phone etc., a smart wallet is an exciting and unique gift for your dad that is sure to make him happy.

A Chopper Ride

5 Unique Gifts To Get For You Dad This Father’s Day

Make your dad’s day spectacular and awesome by gifting him a surprise in the sky. If your father is an adventure junkie and has a passion for heights, an exhilarating helicopter ride is a perfect gift for him. There are plenty of organizations that provide chopper services in various cities and you can without much hassle book a joy ride in the sky for your dad and maker this Father’s Day the most unforgettable day in his life.

Portable Hi-Fi Music Players

If your dad is an audiophile, who isn’t just satisfied listening to music on his smartphone than the best gift you can get for him this Father’s Day is a portable Hi-Fi music player. A portable hi-fi music player also known as the digital audio player will ensure that your music loving father gets a richer and better music listening experience. Portable Hi-Fi music players are the current rage in the gadget world that are capable of supporting high-quality audio, which most of our everyday devices can’t. They combine integrated storage, a digital transport, digital-to-analogue conversions chips and a headphone amplifier into a portable hi-tech gadget that is capable of replaying high-quality audio tracks. There are plenty of options available on the internet to choose from, so go ahead and pick one now.

Johnnie Walker

Well, if your pop is the one with exquisite taste, give the gift of wholesome indulgence to him this Father’s Day and get him the finest bottle of whisky – Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker is one of the pioneering brands and has the most exquisite collection of liquor. They offer the ultimate selection of luxury whisky. The world-famous whisky is undoubtedly an iconic gift for your dad. You could even have the gift delivered to him through HipBar*.

Fitness Band

Fitness is the need of the hour and what can be a better gift than a smart band that will encourage your father to stay fit and keep a record of his health. Fitness bands can effectively count steps, calories, heart rate, pulse rate and even monitor sleep habits. This is definitely the best gift to motivate your dad to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He will surely enjoy his morning walks even more now accompanied by his new smart buddy.

*Hipbar is currently operational only in Bangalore


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