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published time By Liveinstyle published time 15 Sep, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Every now and then when you get invited to birthday parties, weddings or just casual gatherings you’re stuck in a dilemma of what gift to carry along.  Well, why not gift a bottle of scotch? Here’s 5 reasons why scotch as gift is a great idea. 

Scotch doesn’t go bad

Whiskey Scotch Perfect Gift for Men
Ever wonder why people obsess over the age of a bottle of scotch? Unlike a box of chocolates, fruits or cupcakes, a closed bottle of scotch won’t go bad over time, in fact it tastes better when aged for years. A good bottle of scotch will be good for over 100 years. Thinking about a gift that transcends age and time? There you have it, a bottle of fine scotch. 

It is low-carb and fat-free

Whisky Perfect Gift of Scotch
If you’re thinking of gifting something health conscious, scotch would make a good one. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, scotch is very low in calories and so drinking moderate amounts of it won’t result in weight gain. The next time you want to make a friend or family member happy, gift a bottle of scotch, gift a diet therapy.  

You can’t go wrong with gifting scotch

What if the person you’re gifting the bottle to is a teetotaler? Well, it doesn’t matter because a good bottle of scotch can always be gifted on, just add a ribbon and there you have it, a perfect gift.

The bottles look great

Sometimes great things come in great packages. A good bottle of scotch usually comes in a great looking carton and an even better looking bottle. Also, everybody thinks twice of getting rid of a scotch bottle simply because it looks great even when it’s empty. It can be used as a showpiece or a flower vase after enjoying the drink.

It’s a sign of respect

Scotch drinkers usually have a style of their own, they cherish the finer things in life and appreciate class. So, if you’re convinced that scotch makes a great gift, why not make gift a bottle of premium Black Dog Scotch? It is a way to recognize and acknowledge sophistication in an individual, both for the one who gifts and the one who’s being gifted.  

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