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Movember, which involves the growing of moustaches, is a month long campaign during November to spread awareness of men's health issues, such as depression or prostate cancer. It is a pledge ‘to change the face of men's health and co-incidentally does the same to men’s faces, literally. So as they toil to groom that ‘mush’ and help in the noble cause, let’s take a look at 5 perfect gifts for men this Movember that will make him proud of the effort he has put in and know that you care.

1. Electric Trimmers

Let’s hit the ‘stache first. You don’t want him to look shabby and homeless during Movember. Men do need care to maintain that mush with ease. So gift him that electric trimmer that will help him groom a neat band of hair above his upper lip.

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Movember Month Gift for Men


2. Scotch

Nothing tells a man better that you care, than scotch as a gift. As men embrace their manliness with a mush, the smooth, aged and matured taste of scotch, such as Black Dog or Vat 69 makes the perfect gift for men this Movember to remember the finer things that make life worth living.

Scotch as a gift for men to celebrate movember month


3. Mush Mugs

Depending on his style of moustache that he has or desires, gift him a mush mug to make the Movember more fun. He can use the mug at the office or at home, for that much needed coffee, to get the day going. A personalized message on the mug will amp-up the cool factor.


​4. Aftershave

Shaving is a must this Movember, as men sport a mustache to spread the awareness. A musky aftershave will make him smell manly as he goes with the similar look. This makes a great gift for him to encourage the Movember move.

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​5. Movember tees

Celebrate the awareness month with a funny or wacky tee about moustaches. Humor is always a good quality in a man, and he will truly appreciate a tee commemorating his efforts for a good cause. This gift for him can also help him see the fun side of Movember.

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